Saturday, October 2, 2010

Silly Young Men

The boys and their Dad generally go to youth group each Friday evening at a nearby church.  (Boys' night out...)  We don't attend the church, but they open up the group to any youth from all over the area and it is well attended by young people from a variety of faiths.  (We still hold our Quaker meeting each Sunday in our own home.)  

Yesterday evening, Isaac (age 12) and Thomas (age 16) came downstairs showing off their matching outfits to wear for their night out.

Also, our family's business is featured in a nice write up  here


There is a giveaway for some hand dyed fabric here.

Warm wishes for a productive and peaceful Saturday,


  1. That's so cute, Tonya! And how great that they can attend a youth group with a variety of faiths. (coming from a very rigid religious background myself, I think that's wonderful :)

  2. so very handsome .. and silly lol xx

  3. strapping young men you have here...I love it...::sigh::I am so happy to have a boy...when i see things like this, it makes me look ahead to the future even more!!