Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Handwork in Progress

I am working on a pair of mittens for Abraham using this beautiful new shade of blue from Peace Fleece.  I have started offering some of their yarn in our shop.  They have a wonderful mission of paying smaller farms all over the world a fair amount for their wool.  Peace Fleece is based in Maine.   This picture didn't capture the blue as beautiful as it truly is.

Sarah is working on a wool felt alphabet banner.

Abby made this two finger puppet from the book Feltcraft for Abraham's Christmas gift.  Two fingers fit in the pants to make him walk.

Warm wishes for a beautiful day, Tonya


  1. That is a beautiful color yarn. What thoughtful and well done handmade gifts!

  2. that yarn is indeed gorgeous, as are the mittens-to-be:) Your children have been making beautiful things too!

  3. The mittens look like they will be so nice Tonya. I remember last year you suggested a pattern to me, I wonder if this is it. I never did knit any, and I sure would still really like to, maybe this season.

    I love the felt projects too. Good handwork for our children.

    And I wanted to tell you, that vintage blue calico I made Chloe's new top from reminded me of you when I first got it :)

  4. Beautiful work in your home, Tonya! I love the children's crafting...this is so dear to my heart. It seems like my oldest is nearly able to do more ambitious stitch work. How old are the children who did these crafts?
    xo Jules

  5. That puppet is too cute! I love that idea :)

  6. Great ideas.....the puppet is awesome ~ I like the way you can make it walk.

  7. wonderful yarn, great colour .. adore the puppet x