Monday, October 11, 2010

Handmade Holiday

A great project for children to make as gifts - felted rocks from Joy at You Know How We're an Art Family

An introduction post from The Little Gnomes Home about her handmade holiday plans.

A knit star pattern from Duo Fiberworks

From Tiny Twist Creative comes these handmade wooden figures to accompany her daughter's favorite story, Blueberries for Sal.

 I would like to share ideas here for handmade Christmas and holiday cards next week..  Do you have any thoughts?

Warm wishes, Tonya


  1. HI Tonya,
    My girls love to make their own Christmas themed cards by drawing their photo, resizing on the pc and printing them onto cards from the computer. They feel all grown up sending their own cards to friends and cousins:-)

  2. At anthropology, they had felted soaps. When the soap is gone, you cut a slit, slip in a new bar of soap and either the hole shrinks closed when used or you sew it closed. I think it was the first. Great gift idea.

  3. Happy Monday Tonya - I saw this one in my inbox today, I thought it worked great for card ideas!

  4. Oh I love the stars!
    (I am madly in love with bunting!)
    <3 :)
    And here is my latest:

  5. Folks are so brilliant, aren't they?? Clever clever ideas!

  6. Wondeful post Tonya. We are going to try stamping our own cards this year using softkut blocks and one of those linoleum cutters. I figure the kiddoes can make their own designs. I can cut for them and they can stamp!

  7. I like giving my photo cards. The kids love cutting and pasting old cards that we've been given in years past to make new ones.

  8. what a lovely idea tonya, i will look forward to your post! xo

  9. Tonya, When I was in a classroom, we made heaps of cards in a very simple way. The important thing to use was the right medium. The children would draw the outline of a picture, like a snowman or a stocking or a Christmas tree, in a black felt marker. Once it dried they would colour it in vibrant felt markers. The effect is wonderful and simple. A little splash of glitter would also make it beautiful. I have no pictures of them but if you try it out, I'm sure you'd agree that these are beautiful.
    xo Jules

  10. Hmm I'm thinking of some sort of watercolor/tissue paper cutout design---- perhaps I'll actually do this and post it on my blog!!!! Thank you for the inspiration as always!


  11. thanks for all the wonderful ideas you've been sharing....they are inspiring me and getting me thinking about my Christmas crafting and giving!

  12. Love that knit star garland. We've been picking up horse chestnuts on our walks and that would be such a pretty way to use them.

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  15. Bärbel from GermanyOctober 12, 2010 at 12:53 PM

    Hi from Germany,

    your parcel is now here,thank you very much,
    also for your warm wishes.
    I love it very much and i will hang it
    on each Christmas present with the names of
    our big Family.

    I wish you and your family the best
    and God bless you all

    .........sorry, my english is not verry good
    i think

  16. I have been making our family's Christmas cards for about 40 years! I started when I was a girl, and I felt very proud that my parents wanted to send my drawing for their Christmas card. I usually make a drawing which we have copied at the printers. My children did them for us for a few years when they were small, and they were very special to us. Once in a while I try something different. Last year, my daughter helped me produce silk screen prints, and my next card is going to be a lino cut, because I'm having a wonderful time doing hand colored lino prints in my studio. I can't wait to see what your family comes up with. love, Beth

  17. Dear Tonya,

    Our Christmas list has shrunk considerable this year purposely. So homemade cards will be something that we, as a family, will be able to accomplish.

    Thank you for creating this medium for all of us to share what we are doing during these blessed time of the year.


  18. We also have a very small card list, but in the past have usually done home-made cards. I'll give my kids half-sheets of paper to draw/paint a Christmas picture, then scan and format fold-over cards with a publisher program, and put our family message inside (and a "publishing company" on the back, too, with the artist and title and year!)

    Print on cardstock for best results, though one year I printed on regular paper, and pasted the color images onto plain cardstock.

    It's been a fun record of our Eldest Daughter's artistic development!