Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Why the Debate over whether climate change is real or not is irrelevant

So, this topic has been on my mind lately and I have decided to write down my thoughts.   Mike and I read, watch youtube videos, subscribe to twitter feeds, etc.  from both or many alternate sides of nearly any issue.   As I have processed viewpoints from both sides, I have come to the conclusion of - why are there sides and why argue if climate change is real or not?  While I think that climate change as a result of human action is certainly probable, is it really possible to prove?  We certainly didn't have the ability to measure the atmospheric quality or even the temperatures 10,000 years ago.  We know for a fact that average temperatures have gone up and down throughout history.  I will say, though, that the level of increase in our current trend, is concerning.

I don't think this is the argument we should be wasting our time with, let's leave it to the scientists.  I bet if you asked most people if they think clean air (which also includes the ability to be out in the sun without scorching oneself) and clean water should be a right - I would guess that nearly everyone would agree.  It makes me so sad to think of all the children and even adults that suffer from poor air quality. It makes me so upset when I read about the many, many cities and even small municipalities with poor drinking water or even water that is unfit to bath in like in East Chicago, Indiana or Flint, Michigan or even smaller towns in California and elsewhere with unsafe levels of chromium 6.  

If you get to the heart of the matter and leave out the argument about climate change - wouldn't everyone agree that every child should be able to breathe clean air and drink clean water.  To be able to fish and eat that fish.  To eat nutrient rich food - not food that comes from nutrient depleted soils.

If alternate green energies are less polluting than oil/natural gas can't almost anyone agree (except if they are making huge money from the oil/natural gas industry!  Or our politicians that get PAC money from these industries.) that we should convert our energy systems?

The government does need to play a huge role in our environmental standards because the corporation almost never will.  It is a travesty that the Trump administration is gutting the EPA.  Sure, there was probably waste and bureacracy and probably they weren't (obviously they weren't under Obama) doing their job of protecting American citizens.   However, the EPA or similar is a governmental agency that is critical in protecting the basic right of life as pointed out in the Declaration of Indpendence.  On the other hand, our constitution does not specifically point out health as a right in any of the ammendments, but perhaps it is time to do so.  Many other country's constitutions have included the right to health.

So instead of making this a Democratic versus Republican issue or even a climate change versus climate change denier fight, can't we all agree that it is the duty of our government and the duty of each of us as American citizens to protect and care for the earth so that it can provide for its human inhabitants.  We need the help of the government to stand up to the corporate greed that is polluting our soil, air, and water.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Baby Goats and the War Machine

We weren't planning on baby goats this spring as Mike made a separate fenced in area and shelter for our buck and we moved him over the very end of October or the beginning of November.  But, this must have happened right before.  God must have known I needed baby goats this spring - they are just the sweetest.  Yesterday we let them and their mom free range around the yard.

On a separate, not so sweet note, is this ridiculous war in Syria and it seems as though the administration is about to expand our involvement.

Please do not believe the main stream media without checking out facts for yourself.  Don't even believe your politicians and intelligence agencies without seeing physical proof.

Please read through these articles and if you agree, contact your representatives and senators and demand that the United States stop arming the so-called rebels, stop escalating our involvement in Syria, let Assad stay in power for now, and get back to the negotiating table.  There is no proof that Assad was behind the chemical attacks.  Why would he have?  He was about to get everything he wanted - The Trump administration had just said the US wouldn't advocate for his removal, Syria and Russia and perhaps the US to some degree as well, were making huge gains in pushing ISIS out, and they were about to resume peace/negotiation talks.  

Really dig into the origins of the Syria war.  It was probably not an uprising from within.  The likes of the United States, with our so-called allies, Saudi Arabia (does that make any sense???), Turkey and Qatar supported the uprising that eventually over the years attracted members of Al-Qaeda and other radical organizations.  Our country, because it is controlled by the wealthiest few, loves war to fund all the corporations and  loves the prospect of putting a pipeline through Syria.

Do you know that Syria was a secular country where women had equal rights (rare for a middle eastern country), people could practice their chosen religion in peace, education was free, and there was a good free health care system.  Of course, you couldn't challenge Assad politically, but I don't believe that is reason enough for us to challenge him.  Think of how many other countries commit horrific evils to their people, yet we do nothing, for example Saudi Arabia.  I am not advocating that we should do anything, but I am just arguing that there is no justification for regime change in Syria.

Please just remember that our government told us that the Iraq war was justified, that there was proof of weapons of mass destruction.  They lied to the American people.

Here are links to some good articles:

Sorry for the heaviness but I feel that it is so important.

Warm wishes,

Sunday, March 19, 2017

This Weekend

I treated myself to a $3.99 bouquet when food shopping on Friday and I am so happy I did.  Flowers make me feel so happy.  

On Saturday, we boiled off some sap from Friday's run.  It was only about 3 gallons of sap, so we just did it on the stove.  I baked two loaves of bread and Abby made a cake.

Part of our payment for working at our neighbor's organic farm on Tuesdays and Thursdays is food.  They had some local frozen lamb shanks which I have never had before.   They are cooking all afternoon today.  I also added vegetable stock, red wine, onions, garlic, potatoes and carrots.

Yesterday and today the sap is flowing a bit more, so Mike is boiling the sap outside.  He made this from metal roofing and we have our roaster pans holding the sap and then we bring it into the house to finish it off.

The view of our back yard today.  Tomorrow, though, is the first day of spring!

Today with it warming up a bit, I was able to clean out the chicken coop.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

By Faith

So our family has settled into our new little homestead here in Maine.  We love the house, the land, our neighbors, and our intimate church family.  However, our business has slowed down to the point in the last couple of years that we simply are not able to really "get by".  We have never gone hungry, but it just seems as if it should not be so, and not responsible to continue with such uncertainty.  We have opened ourselves up to the possibility that we are being moved in another direction.  While we keep our business going, either Mike or I will be working two days at an organic vegetable farm just one mile up the road.  That will help just a bit but really we are opening ourselves completely up to what God has to offer us in terms of vocation and employment.  To be honest, I am tired of being stressed about finances and wondering which bill I can pay on which day and if we are going to have enough sales tomorrow to go food shopping, for example.  I am tired of not being able to afford to go to the dentist.   I trust in God but I also know that we are to use wisdom and to listen.  So I open myself up and I pray for guidance and wisdom and for clarity that either our business provides or that new opportunities make themselves apparent.  So keep our family in your prayers and let me know how I can pray for you as well.

Warm wishes,