Sunday, October 31, 2010

Peace Like a River

the peaceful scene from our front door this morning

From "Worship in Song, a Friends Hymnal," I was pleasantly reminded of a song I had learned in my childhood.

I've Got Peace Like a River

Verse 1:  I've got peace like a river, I've got peace like a river, I've got peace like a river in my soul.  

Verse 2:  I've got joy like a fountain, I've got joy like a fountain, I've got joy like a fountain in my soul.

Verse 3:  I've got love like an ocean, I've got love like an ocean, I've got love like an ocean in my soul.

Warm wishes,

(Don't forget to check back tomorrow for the Handmade Holiday Post.)


  1. p.s. i finally have something i'm working on - a little woven purse that I'm going to felt and decorate for my daughter!

  2. Amazing view! Something you see in a book.

  3. that was one of my favorite songs when I was little:)

  4. Just gorgeous! Meanwhile ... down here in Texas it still feels like summertime :-)

  5. Just beautiful! And your right, so peaceful. We have been having sleet and snow for the last few days, and it is sticking to the mountains behind the house, but not quite to our level yet.

  6. You want to know a coincidence? I was humming that very tune as I sat here nursing the baby & opened up your blog. That's the song I sing all my babies. During the night, when they're sick, to calm them, or just any ol' time out of habit. That's the song all my kids are growing up with instilled deep in their minds. :)

  7. So lovely! The visual and the song.

  8. Tonya, I love the words to that song! Ollie likes to sing it- he loves it too. :) Gorgeous picture- you are so blessed!

  9. wow! I feel chilly just looking at it! beautiful!

  10. Tonya...A funny thing. I was humming that little song to myself last week, and wondering if there was a fourth verse. When I was a teacher at this little rustic alternative schoolhouse, another teacher taught the children this song. That was a long while back, before I had my three babies and now I wanted to sing it with them. Thanks for the you know of a fourth verse? Hmmm...happy quiet snow filled wonder!!!
    xo Jules

  11. Wow, beautiful picture and song!

    Thanks for sharing.

  12. Jules,
    The 4th verse we sing is a mixture of the previous three:

    I've got peace, love & joy like a river
    I've got peace, love & joy like a river,
    I've got peace, love & joy like a river in my soul.

    The CDs we have that include this song are one by Elizabeth Mitchell, and a Veggie Tales one. :)

  13. Wow, snow already...that's really beautiful!

  14. I am going to comment way back here Tonya, because lately when I think of you this is the image I have been seeing. Your beautiful wintry pond, those snowy trees! (This even though I am not feeling at all feeling good about the cold, but I am trying to love winter..) I love this.

    And the song, I must know it from sometime in childhood, because I could just hear it being sung right away. I will sing it with the girls, I think they will like it.

    I hope to get to write more soon. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    Renee :)

  15. Hi Tonya,

    we regularly sing this song at my church and we too do the fourth verse a a combination of al the others. It is a family service so we have actions to go with it also!!

    Blessings, Jenni