Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Birthday Celebration and Toy Shop Business

The Mister of Natural Earth Farm celebrated his 44th birthday on Sunday.

With eggs, bacon and monkey bread for breakfast, nachos for a light lunch and a supper of local organic sausage, couscous, and our own butternut squash, finished with chocolate cake to celebrate - the eating was good.

Silly Poses

He and I then went to the newly built Jay Peak resort so that he could watch his beloved Patriots - just the two of us for two hours.
He told me it was his best birthday ever - oh that was so sweet to hear.

This is an order for Hip Mountain Mama

Our family has been very busy working in our "toy shop" filling our wholesale orders in time for the holiday season.  Now we are gearing up for our regular shop orders too.  My goal  is to fit in time to create for our family as well, which I am reminded every year as our shop gets busy, that I must remember to begin in January!  

Warm wishes for a beautiful day,


  1. Glad you had such a great birthday celebration! I was at church for the kids Christmas choir rehearsal and they had the game on in the fellowship room. I sat and knitted amongst the hullabaloo of the game...LOL!Oops never found out who won:-)

  2. Happy Birthday to Mister Natural Earth Farm! Family celebrations are the best!
    Have fun with all your handwork, Tonya! You're amazing!

  3. We are getting busy with our Etsy shop too. Next weekend we're going to be doing a holiday craft show here in town. It's an exciting time of year to be a crafter!

  4. I always think that about January too. For some reason, it never seems to happen!! Love the ideas in the link below.

  5. What a fun and happy post! Happy Birthday to your husband! Love the funny poses and monkey bread. I think of January as a good start too, but you know where that goes. I am lucky to be as ahead as I am, thanks to you. Good luck; it looks wonderful! Peace, Angela

  6. Happy birthday, Mister! You are born in a good month as my Mother, son, BIL, and one very new little guy who arrived just last night, will attest!

    What is in the darling bags?? I am so nosy!!

  7. I am glad your husband had a great birthday...I understand about time..I can't decide if I should make Christmas items for family or our Etsy shop...I wish I knew how you did it all?? Please tell:)


  8. Happy Birthday to the Mister!

    Namaste, Nicole

  9. Happy Birthday Mister! You have such an adorable family!!!


  10. Looks like a lovely day!

    p.s. Hope my little parcel has arrived by now?


  11. Happy happy day, to your man! What a family filled with fun and silliness you have. Many blessings to you.
    xo Jules