Saturday, October 23, 2010

Just Arrived

A load of sand!

And it's right near the newest garden area where I am spreading compost and preparing the plot for next spring.   Wonderful to keep Abraham and Sarah happily playing.  Oh, I have spied the older children in there from time to time as well.

Warm wishes, Tonya


  1. I love playing in sand, too! LOL

    What are you going to do with the sand? We are going to use ours left from underpinning the house to put in a root cellar. Someday!

    It looks very cold there!



  2. That big pile of sand makes me giggle at all the fun play that awaits!!!

  3. Oh we just love a big pile of sand. Even Mama loves to play in the sand.

  4. I love the sawn log sandboxes. Sadly, as soon as I put one together, my kids stopped sandbox play. I got a request for their store bought box and back into the box they went??!!

  5. Big piles of sand are so much fun!

  6. Sand. . . My arch nemisis!! As much as the kids love sand, when they take off their shoes, empty their pockets, shake out their hair---ouy, I'm vaccuming all day! You are a brave mama to let them play there all day ;)


  7. oh my, Tonya- sand! My children would be in heaven. Once we played at a friend's house, and they had a huge pile of sand to play in- a pile, not a sandbox- my children LOVED it that way and told me they wanted a "pile" too! :)

  8. what fun lol
    thanks for your lovely comment, would love to be included in the handmade holiday post, thanks so much for the inspiration.
    love to you all

  9. Tonya, my children love the sandpile, too! And the gravel pile. And the manure pile (well, they're not supposed to play in that one, but the topsoil pile is fair game). All these wonderful piles from Mama Earth to explore, navigate, and manipulate. Hours of pleasure for them, and often a moment's quiet for me:)
    xo Jules