Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Our two dogs enjoying the day's unseasonable warmth on the porch.  This photo was taken through the window from inside our home.

The warmth and sun brought the ladybugs into our home and Sarah (age 6) and Abraham (2), were enjoying their time observing them crawling and flying.  Sarah said, "Ladybugs are the most beautiful creatures God makes."

The children enjoying a wiffle ball game in our driveway area.  The warmth had brought two neighbors over to play.

Abraham enjoying the day.

I also enjoyed the beautiful day and spent time outside cleaning the chicken coops, and thinking that this will be the last time for a long while that I will be able to do so in the warmth.

Warm wishes,


  1. It looks like a beautiful day! I love that Sarah said that about the ladybugs. So sweet. :)

  2. It took me a minute to spot the dogs! So comfy. It sure was gorgeous here yesterday! Enjoy. :)

  3. what a wonderful day! i am enjoying your site.

  4. we're having warmer weather here's nice, but I'm ready for some cooler temps.

  5. Love the picture of all 6 of your children..what a lovely big family! x

  6. Bummer about the snow being gone :)

    My kids were wondering who Issac threw the snowball at?! LOL

    Cathy T

  7. Love your site...wish I could feel the same way about ladybugs!

  8. What a happy clan playing together. Good times to remember!
    xo Jules

  9. How lovely enjoying long warm autumn days. xx