Monday, November 18, 2013

Speaking of Consuming

So just a few minutes ago, not knowing what I had posted this morning, Isaac started to figure out how many hours, days, weeks, and finally years worth of time people have spent viewing this one youtuber, Toby Games.  Isaac and Nolan have told me before about him.  What he does is film himself playing a video game.  So, people that watch his videos are watching him play a  video game.  When I first learned of this I truly could hardly believe it.  But this one youtuber is  number 13 on youtube in terms of most subscribers.

(By the way, the number one subscriber does the same thing! and from what Nolan, who is almost 18 has told me, his language and the violence of the games is really terrible.)

So what they calculated was that so far, about 30,000 years of time have been spent watching the 13th most popular subscriber.  
30,000 years watching someone play a video game!!
Now that is consuming at its worse I think. 

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  1. That statistic is just gross. Its cute that your kids are making their own movies.