Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Learning Naturally

Just this morning...

Abraham made a Lego creation following instructions from the magazine that arrived yesterday.

Sarah read aloud about how our paper money is made after asking me to print out the information for her while I was at the library yesterday.

Abby made a recipe she found online yesterday at the library.  She had to look up some conversions such as grams to cups.

I am working harder at being a better observer of my children.  Making notes of what they are learning each day.  Working my way one step at a time toward what my heart tells me, that unschooling is right for our family.


  1. When my children were little I sometimes forgot to observe and listen. But when I remembered the things I saw and heard delighted me. My grandsons are deeply into Legos right now and I'm wondering, what is the name of the magazine that Abraham used to make his Lego creation?

  2. What magazine is that with the legos? A would love that!!!

    I am trying to let go and let A just learn, it can be hard for me sometimes. But I am slowly releasing and she is thriving.


  3. This is exactly how I envision homeschooling my babies - I think you're doing such a beautiful job with your kids!

  4. It sounds like a wonderful day! We've been moving more to unschooling and enjoying it very much. I've been down with morning sickness for months so it just naturally happened.

    1. Yes! I know just what you mean. Wishing you a healthy pregnancy.