Friday, November 29, 2013

Home for Thanksgiving

The weather kept us home for Thanksgiving.  With no central heat (the woodstove is our heat source) and very cold temperatures (the animals' water would need refreshing because of freezing), and to top it all of we woke up to 6" of fallen snow Thanksgiving morning - a trip three hour day trip to my aunt's in New Hampshire was not to be.  

Not planning on being home, we resorted to plan B - eggnog, apple pie, sorbet with gingerale, and lasagna - with just the 8 of us.

The outdoors became our playground.  
Isaac worked on my antique sewing machine and made a belt for it with duct tape - it worked!
We played games.
Drank out of wine glasses.
Gave thanks.


  1. now that looks like a perfect day! how i wish my thanksgivings were filled with snow!!! {i responded to your comment on my post, i'd love you to read it...}

  2. That really sounds lovely, Tonya. Personally, I always prefer holidays to be a quiet affair at home. Everyone else in my immediate family goes to my mom and dad's house - but the gatherings have gotten so large and noisy that I find it overwhelming.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Tonya. Wishing you a wonderful and festive the snow, with each other.
    xo Jules

  4. Tonya~, It looks like you had a Wonderful day! Good for you for coming up with a plan B and going with it. My old Singer has been without a belt for a LONG time... I'm going to have my husband and young boys try duct tape! My 4 year old would be thrilled to have me use that machine. Thanks, lisa

  5. What a delicious meal! And I completely know about the woodstove issue. We heated our old farmhouse with only one woodstove up until this winter and we could only go away for a short overnight trip for Christmas and would return home to a very cold house and go to bed miserable! Last year when my little babe was born, we remodeled the house and the grandmas thought that she needed some heat in her bedroom - imagine! So we installed a heat pump and now actually have been saying how warm it is in the house if we don't have to wear a hoodie!

  6. Isn't that what the day is all about? Giving thanks for what you have, where you are and who you are with.

  7. I know that I said it sounds wonderful up above, but after thinking on must be somewhat a disappointment to not be able to escape the demands of home for a day.
    Everyone needs a break from real life sometimes even if real life is happy and full.