Thursday, November 14, 2013

New Spaces Inside

With the long dark days upon us (not to mention cold), I changed around all of our living spaces yesterday.

Of course, there were probably more important things that could have taken precedence but when I set my mind on something I am usually full steam ahead for better or worse.

Our house is very rustic (some people have even suggested that we may want to tear it down and 
build new - not that that is even an option for our budget.)

We like it, though, and are not caught up in making everything new and improved when for the most part it works just fine as it is.  Yes, there are some things that will need to be done such as resurfacing the very splintery wood floors and replacing some terribly inefficient windows.

I do find it fun, though, to change things up from time to time.

Our main living area is very open but is made up of four areas - the entry, kitchen, dining, and living.  
The living area became the dining area so that we could now get cozy by the woodstove and watch our Little House on the Prairie episodes from netflix.
The dining area is now by the windows to keep it lighter for projects.

Even though I think we have very little "stuff", I find myself overwhelmed with what little we do have when I go through this process. Makes me rethink what is important and what isn't.  I have even started to consider utilizing netbooks/readers to help minimize all of the paper as books and magazines are what we seem to have the most of.

I like observing how everyone in the family is utilizing our new spaces and being creative with newly found toys and books.


  1. Tonya,

    I have always enjoyed pictures of inside your does look very cozy to me. We have a small home our living room and dining area are one big room so I understand what you are saying about using all the space you can from one area. I have a Kindle Paperwhite and a Kindle Fire and I love both of them. I use my Kindle paper white to read books. Kindle Fire I use for magazines and netflicks. I have just got an instagram which is so neat..being able to interact with others that are knitters or gardeners.

    Thank you for sharing your new space with all of us:)


  2. Lovely new inside spaces! So comfy and very creatively inspiring!

  3. I like your kitchen sink area, with the back splash tile and wood mirror. Even though I know that we have a lot less "stuff" than most American families, I still feel cluttered at times too and go on "purging" sprees. A good house clean-up and rearrange always makes me feel good!

  4. Your home looks very friendly and inviting. I like it. It is fun to change things around. I also enjoy watching people react to it and enjoy it in a new way.

  5. Your space looks very warm and cozy. We have a small home and now since most of my children have grown it actually feels too big sometimes. I love to move things around and find better ways of using my space. We spend so much time at home that any change always feels like a big deal. Enjoy your lovely home.

  6. Such a warm, cosy and beautiful looking home! Your different spaces do look very inviting!

  7. I think it is lovely and homey as is:-)

  8. I love your home...big open spaces and all the windows...just wonderful. I have a red chest of drawers just like of my favorite pieces of furniture. Blessings friend

  9. I think your home looks fantastic...can't imagine tearing it down. The space looks thoughtfully organized and very practical. Our family (six) lives/works/homeschools in about 900 square feet, so I know what you mean about books! Thankfully I am not a "keeper" and have no problem taking things to the grab-n-give at the dump from time to time. For me, living in a small space has made me re-evaluate how we use our space and what we fill it with. I enjoy seeing how others make their space work for them - thanks for sharing with us, Tonya!

  10. I keep coming back to look at this post. It's all so fresh and pretty :)

    Rearranging today, thanks to your inspiring influence!


  11. dear Tonya,
    must be teh time of the year! rearranging and adjusting the room to the needs oft the family in wintertime.
    Thre out of six moved out already, the one or other came back and moved out again to welcome other sister to come back, but by now; three sons living with us
    and when I see your pictures ( and I like´m lots!) I guess I have too much........but I´m just such a good finder.
    Might take a look?
    hugs to you and dear family, dear Tonya.
    Sanne from Germany

  12. oh it looks so cosy and warm! I love your house, I think whoever thinks you should build new maybe is not understanding!

  13. I love these pictures of your cozy home! We also have a house that was suggested to be torn down- but we decided to prop it up and do a little work on it to make it work for us. It is easy to get overwhelmed with stuff in small spaces. We love books so much, but yes- where to put them all?

  14. Oops, wanted to add that we rearranged our living spaces also for winter to bring more of our activities around the woodstove in the basement. So we're either at the counter in the kitchen, or keeping warm by the woodstove. It's cozy, perfect for the season.