Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Intentional Living

As many of you know that have read this blog for years,  we have made our living through selling products made primarily of tree branches and just a wee bit from my hand knitting.  We don't have to earn as much money by making some of our food from scratch, growing a garden, staying home a lot, rarely buying anything new, etc...  We do many of these things, however, not just for financial reasons.  We eat mostly organic and make our food from scratch because it is good for our bodies and good for the earth.  We avoid buying new unless necessary because it is good for the environment.   We stay home a lot so we have time to cook and bake and grow and make.  Less driving is also good for the environment.  We do our best to live by our principles and of course, sometimes we utterly fail.

So as our etsy businesses decline - because you know - you can order many of our woodland wedding decor items on amazon for nearly 1/2 the price and with prime you get free shipping!  And how wonderful to receive your special items for your wedding or home all the way from the beautiful country of China.

Sorry for my sarcasm, but it is true.  We have let Amazon take over our spending habits and in the process created a monster (the owner is the richest person in America, has a $600 M contract with the CIA, owns the Washington Post), put thousands of small and larger businesses out of business, put thousands of people out of jobs, etc.   The thing is, is it all worth it?  And why oh why do small businesses including homesteading types, become Amazon affiliates?  I don't get it.  There must be a way to hook up with independent businesses to work out some sort of similar financial benefit.  I would even wager to guess you might make out better.  I guess what I am saying is - if you care about your health, our earth, the thriving of small local businesses, please put your money where your heart is... line up your principles with your spending habits.

So my challenge for you today isn't to order something from a local small business or online family business or something from our business - my challenge is for you to really consider the impact of every dime you spend.  Remember, as I have written before, how we spend our money is the most powerful form of activism.  And I also bet that if you take the time to consider your purchase or make the item you need yourself - you will find a deeper connection to either the shop owner or community that you shop at.  Or, if you make the item yourself, the immense satisfaction over your accomplishment.

Warm wishes,