Monday, November 18, 2013

Producing More Than We Consume

(Isaac's green screen for his movie making.  He has figured out how to put in a different background using the screen.)

(Sarah's horse coral)

I remind myself and my children that we need to produce more than we consume.

For myself that means thoughtfully considering each purchase and learning and putting into practice new skills relating to food production and practical hand work.

I tell my older children that if all they do is view all the "neat" youtube videos they are simply consuming.  I remind them how much more fulfilling it would be to recreate some of the ideas they see or come up with some of their own and they are.

How do you balance this in your life?

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  1. That's exactly how I felt with Pinterest - finding inspiring ideas, but not doing very many of them. This month, I've made a commitment to do one item each day from some of my boards. It's been fun to try new recipes, have the girls do art projects, and do a countdown to Thanksgiving. My daughters also have been enjoying the different activities we've been doing together. Many of the things I've made have used items that I have on hand. Use up...rather than purchase more. Here's a link to my website if you're interested in seeing what we're doing: