Monday, April 15, 2019


I thought I would post some updates from the last couple of weeks here at our little farm in central Vermont.

We tapped our big maple tree in front of our house, but do not have anything, yet, set up to cook off the sap outside, so we did use the stove top.  It was still worth it.

A little spring knitting with some beautiful small farm yarn that was hand dyed by my friend, Jules

A little pattern you can find here in my blog.

A little doll's vest.

We celebrated Sarah's 15th birthday with my father and a family friend from Massachusetts, and with Thomas.  We went up to Montpelier, where Thomas lives, to walk around and then have dinner at Positive Pie (Sarah's request).

And just now, with a huge rainfall last night,the snow is gone!  Mike worked on putting in a stone walkway going into the farm store over the weekend.   We hope to be planting by the end of the week!

When I was making a post on instagram for Sarah's birthday, I came to my blog to borrow pictures and it made me sad that I wasn't keeping up with documenting our children's growth and changes, as well as my thoughts over the last couple of years.  My goal is to blog here regularly again to have a record of our days.

Warm wishes,