Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Reading and Knitting

Excited to be joining in with Ginny today.  She had a beautiful baby boy recently.

I am still on the knitting Plain vests run.
I just love the simplicity of the pattern and how practical they are and the newest one I started is going to be striped, using up bit of yarn.

I am reading a book that I found at our little library, Happy Hollow Farm by William R. Lighton.

Here is an excerpt from the beginning -

     "Suppose you had wanted some big thing with all your heart for all your life; and suppose you knew your wife had always wanted just the same thing in just the same way.  Suppose that in the fullness of time, when you were in the very prime of your years, with the joy of life at its strongest, this fond dream should become reality; and suppose that after half a dozen years of actual experience you should find the reality better beyond compare than the dream ever dared be.  Suppose all this, and how do you suppose you'd feel?
     Well, that's the story of Happy Hollow Farm.
     Maybe I'd better say right at the beginning, and have it over with, that ours is different from the general run of back-to-the-land stories.  There was no harsh or bitter fact in our lives that drove us to farming as a last hope.  I hadn't lost my job in town.  I wasn't facing a nervous breakdown after long years of faithful service of an inhuman employer......"

This was written in 1914.  I thought it was neat because those same words could have been written today.  


  1. Those are so cute! You put my knitting to shame, ha, ha. I haven't even been knitting a year yet, so I love to see all the detailed, pretty things that people make. Nice job! :)

  2. I love those sweet little vests! I'm working on the "pebble vest" for my baby boy, and perhaps I will have enough bits of leftover yarn to try one of these plain vests for my girl :)

  3. Love the vests and the colors you chose!

  4. Love your vests! Also really enjoyed the quote from the book. I was surprised when I saw that it was from 1914! It definitely could be from today. Will have to check out that book! Thanks!

  5. Vests are beautiful and those words are sweet.

  6. The Plain Vest is one of my all-time favourites too. Pretty, practical, and a quick knit. Plus it goes with pretty much everything. My littlest grew out of the free pattern size; I think it's time to purchase the pattern. And the book you're reading, I was surprised and delighted when you wrote that it was from 1914. Awesome!

  7. Love your vests, to cute! Also thanks for sharing about the book. It looks like one I would enjoy.

  8. what shop are you selling the knit vests in? Love them!