Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Busy but Full

I haven't been here for nearly a week because my life has been pretty much looking like the above - busy.
I have a hard time sometimes looking at why I should be so thankful for the business instead of feeling guilty for not being the perfect mom....  I am really working hard on changing that.

A wonderful thing happened yesterday - the children ice skated on our pond - in November! So neat. 
Earlier in the fall, as I was reading through Tasha Tudor's book Through the Year, I though it odd that she had a picture of children skating for one of the November pictures...  perhaps years ago Novembers were  cold enough to skate.

I am so very thankful for this pond of ours and thankful for the gift of healthy activity for the children at a time when I am not as available as I would like to be.


  1. Oh how my kids would love a pond to skate on! And how neat to start so early in the season. :) Once every couple of years our field freezes up after the January thaw and the kids have a real rink for a couple of weeks. Last year, they had it for more than a month (they were so happy!) Enjoy and congrats on all of the business!

  2. That is something to be thankful for - not everyone has their very own pond to ice skate on. (I don't even know how to ice skate!) I have not read any of Tasha Tudor's books, though I know I should because of her love of Corgis (we have a house full of them).