Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Life has been so very full that I haven't taken the time to be online over the last several days except checking on our business.

Nothing all that exciting but just the regular kind of things that make up our daily living.

One small homesteading related thing I did was  when I cleaned the chicken coop the other day, I started a compost pile with the litter inside the chicken's fenced in area.  I got the idea after listening/watching this great talk by Mark Shephard.  He is the author of a new book, Restoration Agriculture, and he has some real neat ideas.  I love learning of something new that makes life easier while at the same time makes better use of resources.  Now with our compost pile with the chickens, they will turn it over and benefit from the insects and worms.

Business is getting busier as the holidays approach.  I am working hard on keeping focused on the task that is right before me and trying not to get overwhelmed.

Appreciative that said business made it possible to take time out to be useful to a family that needed help.

Emmy is going through a very needy time and if I don't pay close enough attention she might have all the toy baskets dumped out within a few seconds.   Working on figuring out what she is really needing.

The weather has changed dramatically here.  Today it is in the 20s  with a real fierce wind and snow.  Abraham keeps telling me it is winter and although I want to correct him that the winter solstice is still over a month away, I don't.  He is probably right that winter has arrived.

Warm wishes,


  1. Your little Emmy is almost the same age as my Emmett if I remember correctly from reading when you where pregnant and had her. Emmett is going through a really needy stage as well. I have figured out part of his problem (I hope it's as simple as this!) is that he is getting in his 2 year molars. We still are waiting on the forth one to break through his little swollen gums, and in the meantime he can have some very difficult moments! Plus with him there are the sleep issues, and his knowing something is happening and not quite understanding of a new sibling to arrive any day now. I pray you can figure out what Emmy needs and help her through this time peacefully! :-)

  2. Sure does feel like King Winter has arrived. Your pond looks beautiful.

  3. Seems like everyone got a bit of snow today - we had some down here in Pennsylvania. And my babe isn't really needy, but she is an expert on turning the kitchen cupboards inside out! If that's what it takes to pacify her while I try to make dinner, then I'll let her do it.

  4. Yes, I do believe winter has come to New England...it was a chilly day here today too. Yesterday I brought out the woolen hats and mittens. With 10 pairs of hands to cover, the mitten basket was overflowing.

  5. Oh Tonya, that little girl of yours always brings such a smile. She is darling! Happy busy season to you!!! I hope it is not too overwhelming.
    xo Jules