Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Painting Around the Homestead

Mike made an outdoor table for us from an old door and branch legs.  Sarah spent much of a day painting the top.

Abby painted the chicken coop.

And I just came across this - this morning!

We are enjoying the summer weather and the added freedom summer brings to add a bit more creativity to our days.

What creative things are children up to?
Warm wishes,


  1. It has been near 90 degrees everyday here so it is hard to get teenagers outside unless they are in the pool..smile..but they have been inside crafting..my youngest has an etsy shop which she makes items with polymer clay. My oldest is working on her web-site..but today she will be making things with beads. There is always some crafting in our home...smile..

    I love seeing your childrens art work..I am sure it makes your home very cheerful.

    Many Blessings,


    A Knitters Notebook

  2. What a wonderful and warm post Tonya, thank you for sharing:) It has brightened up the freezing weather we are experiencing here in Johannesburg at the moment.

    I especially like the last photo with 'welcome' painted on the rock.

    Have a lovely week

  3. Love this. We have an old beat up table outside that we let the kids paint over and over again. They usually use simple washable tempera paint, so it washes off eventually, just in time for the next painting session. The love it every single time and take so much pride in working on something that we use in our everyday life.

  4. Great projects. I love the little table. It is so great to get the kids involved with projects. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the summer.

  5. I've been wanting to make a table out of an old door. Love the painting on top! So fun!

  6. Love your little welcome rock, so sweet. definitely something my kiddos would do. Today they built boats and sailed them off with twine so they could be retrieved. Much fun indeed.

  7. Tonya, I love all of it. The outdoor table is an AWESOME idea!!

  8. They are all wonderful! How special and personal to your space. Beautiful!

  9. Everything is looking fresh and new...paint is a miraculous substance. I just need to use it more often!