Thursday, June 14, 2012

Outside and In

Outside ~

I cut wild raspberry branches for the goats

which they love.

Isaac found a neglected strawberry patch

dug up individual plants and potted them in various "pots" - there are actually quite a few strawberries ripening.  We hope to make a dedicated area on our homestead for a strawberry patch in the future.


I have been working on some new products for our shop - hand stamped love bird branch tags

and I made this custom order for a bride's wedding party.

Life is so full right now, as it should be.  Long days full of light and warmth, the garden growing far too many weeds but also beautiful vegetables, children excited for upcoming camps (theater, old fashioned overnight camp, and a boat making camp), and planning a big graduation party and a family camping getaway.  Some of the children will be participants but the older ones will be directors and counselors.  Our house will be in constant change with some coming and others going.  

Warm wishes,


  1. I do love all the things that come with summer...yours sounds joyous Tonya, and the love birds branch tags are beautiful!

  2. I really love the "love bird branch tags." Very cool. It's great that you found some strawberry plants that you didn't know you had. Enjoy all of your upcoming events.

  3. The warm seasons really are a swirl of activity. My eldest daughter is pining for us to get goats, and come to think of it, there are wild raspberry patches that we would like to get cleaned up...

    Your tags are so lovely. Simple, sweet, and full of charm.