Friday, June 15, 2012

Mother's Love

Yesterday afternoon I was giving Emmy kisses and telling her she was the cutest thing in the world.  

Thomas (our eighteen year old son) was nearby and asked, "Mom, don't you ever get tired of this - I mean this is the seventh time."

"No, never!  How could I?  Each child is such a gift, not to mention that my love is just as intense for her as it was for you (my first),"  I replied.

"See, you're not a terrible Mom like you say you are sometimes." answers Thomas.

"Oh, yes I am a very terrible Mom - sometimes.   But, it is true instead of having a finite amount of love, my ability to love just grows more with each child.   Instead of having just a certain amount of love to give, it just grows with each new baby"   I replied.  "You know, in a way, that is kind of like God's love - no matter how many people in the world - God loves each one just as deeply."

Thomas' reply - "That is just like how God loves Mom - Our love for one another is the same as God's love for us because it is enabled by His spririt."

What a blessing - these children of mine - stretching me and teaching me and giving me the awesome privilege of a mother's love.

Warm wishes,


  1. Aaaw! This made my day :) God is so good!

  2. What a beautiful conversation...and message. :) Have a lovely weekend, Tonya!

  3. Oh how blessed you are among women! And what a great job you did of mothering, for him to be able to articulate all this to you...and with no teenage "embarrassment!"

  4. Oh, Tonya, yes we all do feel that way sometimes, don't we? But it is clear as day how wonderful you are and how beautifully you are raising your lovely children. We are all so lucky to be on this path, in this place. Have a wonderful weekend.
    xo Jules

  5. Wow ~ that is an incredible thought coming from an eighteen year old....and that adorable sweater ~ i am assuming that you knit it! It is beautiful!

  6. What an amazing conversation to have with your son. Thanks for sharing it.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  7. awwww, sons and mothers! You just put a smile on my heart...;j

  8. Beautiful Tonya! Thanks for the smile and warm fuzzies:)

  9. I needed to hear these wise words just at this time. Thank you, Tonya and Thomas!

  10. I know! It is such a blessing to be a hard an trying as it can be at times. But we just keeping on going and trying our best and in the end it all works out.

    There must be some kinda mama reminiscing in the air these days or something. Heather (Shivaya Naturals) recently wrote something sentimental too. We're all in this together.