Monday, December 2, 2013

While We Work

There is so much making and packaging to do over the next two weeks.
During this time we ask more of our children.
More help with the cooking and cleaning.  (Isaac is making everyone french toast for lunch as I type)
More patience as my time and focus is spread thin.
I think, though, that they get it - that this is our business - this is how we make our living.
At least I hope they do.
I know that it is important for me to stay positive and cheerful because I want them
to see the many good parts of having one's own business. 

1 comment:

  1. I just checked out your shop for the first time. I had to laugh when I saw all of the beautiful products made out of birch, not at your expense though. My brother came to my house just last weekend to borrow our handsaw because he was "going out to look for some birch trees". Here in Pennsylvania, most of the birch trees are planted intentionally in someone's yard and so we were racking our brains to try and think of where we had seen some growing naturally. We have one in our front yard, but the limbs were not thick enough. He wanted to make a votive candle holder - I just sent him your link for some inspiration!