Monday, December 30, 2013

These Days

I will say it again - that I just love these days between Christmas and New Years.  A time to regroup and lay low.   It is even easier to do with a virus keeping me quiet for a day or two at least. 

The goats are enjoying the Christmas tree.

We've been blessed with another bounty of birch.  The ice storm left birch trees hanging in the road so the road crews cut them down and left them on the sides.

The temperatures have dropped dramatically today so that the windows are icing over.  But the pond, after 40 degree weather yesterday and some rain, is perfect!

I was able to get a sweater off to a now-not-so-new cousin.

And I am finally catching up with letter writing and some holiday cheer using handmade note cards stamped with a stamp I made at a class this past summer.

I am thinking lots over these last few days if there is such a thing as too simple.  I mean we can go days without leaving our home except to do mailings.   Is it ok to miss out on all the world has to offer?  Or is fulfillment more a state of mind.  So many people I know (and I used to be like this) think that the grass is always greener.  Not that living out one's dreams isn't admirable and truly what I think we are supposed to do during this one life we have.  But, what if your dreams are small now and maybe all the little things really are big things - I guess it just depends upon how you look at it.


  1. I think those of us who have the privilege to just stay on our own little patch of earth are the fortunate ones! Being able to create on ones own time is so much more gratifying. This extremely cold week, I'm so thankful for a full larder, lots of firewood, yarn to knit and books to read.

    1. Yes Karen! I am so thankful for the wood stove and lots of knitting and plenty of reading too. Stay warm!

  2. I love that sweater and I love your stamp!!

  3. Oh Tonya I have been away from the computer quite a bit this past year, Not sure what I would like to do in terms of blogging, spending time in front of the screen...I must say it has been lovely this morning to sit and read through all of your posts! You children are growing up so fast (as they do). Your simple lifestyle has encouraged me to maybe start up again. Thank you for all you do.

  4. We were just talking about being simple this morning. We almost hate going out into the world such as the mall for an example... some people are so strange:) We love coming home to our simple home and our simple luxuries. One thing about Christmas is that it brings everyone one together all sorts of back grounds. My brother and his wife and children are running the rats race...and they look like it too...I would not want to be them. I have been thinking about getting our Etsy shop up and running for the new year. Our Ebay business has been wonderful...we are so blessed!!

    Oh, Tonya I love simple....

    Many Blessings for you and your family for this New Year!!!


  5. wishing you love and hope in 2014...I "simply" enjoy your blog.

  6. Love the stamp design - so cool that you made it yourself! The sweater is so bright and cheery. My neighbor knitted a beautiful pink angora one in this style when my little babe was born. I just put it in her memory box today - her little belly is just too big for it now! What a cute little elf helper you have helping with the bonfire. :)
    I totally agree about being content in your life and not needing to venture into the crazy world. I am very content now to stay at home with my babe. Most of what the world is offering today is not something that I want - the least outside influences the better. I battle the "greener grass demon" sometimes, so it is good to visit a blog like yours to help me stay strong!

  7. Hi - since I gave up work ten years ago to raise and home educate my Little Son, I have found that I have everything I want within my home and I really don't want much from the outside world at all. I think its a wonderful thing to be content with what you have close to you and not feel the need to grasp for more. I used to be always striving for things until I became a Mumu but now I am satisfied with less money and things. Have a happy New Year, Lily, xxx

  8. How dare you burn without me!! =P

  9. I like your thoughts on a big life versus a small life. I have the same ones. The good news is that the size of life is easily changed...go out more, get involved with more people and stuff, or...don't. :)

  10. Tonya - I love that stamp, it's beautiful! About small dreams and staying close, I've thought about that a lot this past year. It's funny, my degree in college was International Studies, and when I was younger, I had such big dreams, and big eyes. But I'm noticing that my dreams and my perspective have been drawing closer and smaller, especially the past couple years. Focusing on our place and how we are living rather than the bigness of the world around. That feels wrong somehow - there's so much to do out there and issues to address, and I think we're taught to dream "big" dreams (bigger is better...). But I also think being open to smaller dreams and the places we are is maybe even more important? Because the more we each are willing to be content with the simple things and creating the life we believe in in our homes, the more goodness there is. And I think the more contented we could be? By listening to what matters to us and what we want to see, rather than discrediting it just because it's small? (Like you said, the little things being big things.) And maybe it changes through time, too. I don't know. I still am easily swayed by "the grass is greener" (as my family - they all know I wish I were living in VT :) ) but I think I'm starting to be ok with having smaller, more simple things and dreams, because that's where I am right now, and that's what makes me happy.

  11. Would you share the patternmof the little dress with buttons on the side. It looks like maybe I could do this because I knit and crochet, and am trying to learn a bit more advanced and having my first grand-daughter.
    thank you,