Saturday, December 14, 2013

Moments from the Week

lots of skating

Abe came downstairs the other morning and sang me the "A,B,C's" after writing them.
Learning happens despite our business taking over our days right now.

free style crafting

a little bit of knitting 

playing with Little House paper dolls

reading in the onion basket

Nolan turned 18.  We now have two adult children. 

This morning I am baking bread and cookies with Emmy.  We are trying to stay warm but at -15 this morning, the woodstove struggles to keep up.  


  1. -15??? Oh, wow, that's very, very cold! And here I was thinking the mid 30's were cold for us. I guess for you that would be practically balmy for you guys! I always enjoy catching up here with your lovely family. Hope you have a blessed Christmas season!

  2. Oh that pond must be such a blessing to the children--good memories:-)

  3. Looks like a week full of family goodness inside keeping warm, with the occasional game of hockey! Love the onion basket picture - kind of like my cats - they curl up in the silliest places!

  4. Oh my - that is very cold (although I had to convert to Celsius to know him cold!) I love the way children learn things so naturally. Happy birthday to your son - and you xx

  5. Oh, I love that skating picture! And Emmy reading in the basket! :) And those paper dolls love very neat. Stay warm!

  6. Well it all looks happy and cozy, though I won't say it sounds warm. I'm sure the wood heat is much appreciated.
    I was thinking of you this weekend Tonya, remembering when your eldest turned 18, and now I suppose he is even older, and it is happening again, and it is really just quite amazing! Or I imagine it will be as it happens in our family someday, as I imagine it feels to you. Full wonderful family life!
    And I so love the onion basket seat.
    Sending love always,
    Renee <3

  7. Happy Birthday to Nolan! Our children grow up so fast! I can't believe my Airman is 31... Gosh, I'm old! LOL

    We are cold, too, but not as cold as you! Our old woodstove is eating wood like a fifteen-year-old girl eats chocolate.

    Stay warm!

  8. You posted a wonderful recipe for maple candied nuts last year I think. I am wondering if you still have it? And I love your blog!

    1. Here is the link Grace

  9. Great photo of your little skater! My husband saw me looking at it and commented on what a great photo it was and asked where it came from. He's got a BA in photography from the San Francisco Art Institute--so I thought you'd enjoy his feedback. Hope you have a happy Christmas!