Monday, December 9, 2013

At the Markets this Past Weekend

This is how I spent much of this past weekend.  Saturday Mike and I and the four youngest were in Craftsbury as a vendor.  

Abby and Sarah set up their own small table and sold handmade ornaments - Abby's made of beads and Sarah's stamped on maple branch slices.  The both sold a lot!

Yesterday I spent the day at a Local Holiday Market in Lowell.  
These were the first fairs we have done for our business in a couple of years primarily because we are plenty busy with our etsy shops alone.  

I wanted to do these this past weekend to be a part of the local communities, support the Art House (a nonprofit that hosts art workshops for children and adults in Craftsbury), and meet people.   Meeting new people, catching up with those I haven't seen for quite some time - that was really nice.  

There was also another great reason to be a vendor at each of these events - to shop from the other vendors!  
The money we made selling our products - much of it - was in turn handed over to local farmers (an organic chicken, organic pork, maple cream, organic beans, salsa, jam), local artists and crafters (cheeseboards, soaps, note cards).   That was the best part of the weekend - coming home with delicious healthy foods and some nice gifts for the holidays.

Now we are back to filling orders at home, getting orders shipped off as fast as we can.
There is skating going on - which is a blessing.
I squeeze in bits of time to read Christmas stories aloud.
My head is filled with all of the things I want to do and I keep pushing them aside, telling myself to come back to the present and keep on doing the next thing while practicing gratitude for all I am able to do.


  1. Your set up looks lovely! I had a similar weekend with a Winter Art Market on Friday and Saturday. And my set up was today's post too :)

  2. Lovely handmade goodness!

  3. Display looks really nice. And yes, working at farmer's/craft markets is great, especially at the holiday season to get some goodies for yourself! It is hard at this time of year, for those of us who want to be crafty, to get everything done. I see all of these neat ideas on-line to make my holiday more festive in a simple way, but then can feel myself getting stressed because I don't have time to do them. Kinda losing the point of not getting into the holiday over drive mode and trying to keep it simple!

  4. Looks great! Wish we were closer and could visit you at a market! I love spending money from the markets AT the markets (and bartering, too) :)

  5. your table looks amazing! i'm so glad to hear you had a great time. i too have been wanting to do some shows and haven't found (made) the time, but you've inspired me for next year!