Saturday, December 28, 2013

By Hand

While we bought far too many gifts (mostly online) this Christmas, there was a bit of handmade going on.
I knit Emmy's rabbit a cardigan and crocheted Emmy a lap blanket for when we snuggle on the couch.

Abby made me this inspiration wreath.  I will hang it by my desk to clip photos and other bits of lovely.

and she knit me this purse.

Abby asked for this bracelet making kit.  She said it is the latest craze.  Using this plastic contraption and following different patterns using colored rubber bands, you can make all kinds of designs.

She made this organizer of cardboard to organize the bands.

We bought Sarah a needle felting kit and a needle felting bird book for Christmas.  She has started making some birds.

Some window star making

Thomas' girlfriend, Sam, knit him this sweater.

Plans are already under way to change things for next year.  To make ahead for our business so both Mike and I can package orders (so he doesn't have to be in the basement making as much and I don't have to spend hours each day just filling orders).  To make more ourselves for each other which means planning and starting now.  I am also considering just filling stockings (start finding thoughtful little somethings now at thrift stores and here and there) and then one handmade gift under the tree for each and one new family game.  If the children want to buy things for one another, that will be their choice, but maybe they will be inspired by a simpler way if we lead by example.

Were you able to maintain your family's values this holiday season?
Warm wishes,


  1. Love the stuffed rabbit and the inspiration wreath - what a good idea! It looks like you are raising your children to be creative and resourceful. One of my ideas was to just do away with the stockings. It seems to be that they just get filled with small stuff and candy, with just the idea to fill the stocking. My husband and I do a foot of the bed present - always a book - that is there on the bed for when the kids (or each of us!) wakes up in the morning. The point is to keep the little kids in bed a little longer, but my husband and I enjoy getting books or a magazine we wouldn't normally buy.

  2. Love this post Tonya! Just wondering if you are still on Etsy and if so, what shop name?

  3. I had hoped to be able to make more this year ,it didn't quite happen .The handmade gifts you show are very sweet and thoughtful.

    How I long for a simple Christmas the way it was meant to be


  4. We have always done the one thing they want (usually bought online), one thing they need and one thing to read. With handmade things or other useful items thrown in (and a candy cane and tooth brush added to the stocking). :) I like that idea though. I always suggest to family members to buy one game for all of the kids instead of toys for each of them.

    I love Abby's wreath! And Thomas' sweater is very nice (a labor of love)! :)

  5. I love your handmade items! Aren't the bunnies just the best! I'd love to make more clothes for my girls' bunnies this year too......

  6. I love stockings. No way we could forego them. My tree would look really sad and lonely if my daughter only got 3 things for Christmas. Advantages of having only one child I guess.