Friday, December 27, 2013

In the New Year

(We have an overflow from our well that runs constantly into the pond.  The ducks swim in the little bit of water even in the coldest of temperatures.)

So many thoughts are going through my head now that Christmas Day is over.  

I appreciate the New Year as a time of reflection.

Thinking most of all of how to work along side each of my children better - to nurture their gifts, encourage them to take risks, and to develop more of a rhythm and calmness to our days especially for the younger ones.

Organizing every nook and cranny of our house has also started and will continue through the end of next week.  Thinking about what we need, what we don't need.

I have been thinking about working to spend less money in the coming year (that will also result on less stress on the earning side).  Making and growing more, and also using up what I have.  Thinking about what would be really special for each child that I could make throughout the year so I don't end up purchasing so many gifts for next Christmas.    

The more I listen to and read David Platt, the more I am convicted to live radically.  I am thinking about the idea of keeping our living expenses within a set framework and then giving the rest.  As Americans we have been blessed with much and are so rich. God surely did not intend for us to use that wealth to destroy his creation with more and bigger stuff.  

Mike and I have been thinking about our business and how it fits into our family's vision  - whether it takes up too much of my time and how to work out that balance so that we don't lose our core family values.  

Sitting and planning and praying about how to approach homeschooling this second half of the year to meet the state's requirements  while wanting our children to love learning.   Going through the book, Leadership Education, with Mike to give us a framework.  
You can see a family living out this method at Renee's blog, FIMBY.

Looking forward to the New Year and sharing bit of our family's days here and how all these thoughts actually play out.
Warm wishes,


  1. Great reflections. I am also reflecting on this past year and how best to put into practice my ideals for the coming year. I keep seeing the same resolutions in my journal year after year. I want this to be the year where more is accomplished so it doesn't end up on next year's list.

  2. Tonya, my husband and I are having similar discussions right now. This will be the first full year that we are a single income family and we are still figuring out how to do that in the best way. Basically, don't spend any money! But that of course is easier said than done. I am trying to do, make, reuse, as much as possible and being able to tap into the blogging community has really helped me. I am amazed at the resourcefulness and creativity of some bloggers in their quest to be frugal and live simpler lives. I am not familiar with David Platt, but that is definitely a radical idea for Americans in this day. My husband has been hyper focused on our budget for next year, trying to fine tune and cut out what we do not need, which is a lot less that we thought we did before. We have already discussed gift giving for Christmas next year, thinking a two gift limit from each set of grandparents would be sufficient for our little babe and us. You are one of the bloggers that inspires me, so I will be interested to hear more about these thoughts and actions throughout the year.

  3. Dear Tonya, Such good things you are thinking upon, and much of the same being considered and felt here.
    And, those ducks would make me so very happy every single day!!!
    Sending love, and looking forward to another year of growing of our friendship,
    Renee <3