Wednesday, December 18, 2013


The holiday rush is over!  We keep things so simple for Christmas, but our business more than makes up for any craziness.  As the last 9 packages went out the door this afternoon, I let out a few whoops and now feel like my mind can open up to the possibilities of this last week before Christmas.  The buckets of soap and water came out and along with my two best cleaning partners, Sarah and Emmy, we have started some long overdue housework and organization.  

Tonight we have caroling at the town green and tomorrow night a holiday and solstice concert also in our little town.

As far as knitting - I am excited to start doing more of it in the coming days.  I did finish a few projects recently.  One is another plain vest with some yarn I painted last summer.  I finished a hat with angora inspired by the pattern in the new issue of Taproot.  And, finally, a crocheted wool bowl that made it out in the pile of packages today for a very patient customer.

If you need a little last minute something for a baby or young child, here is a link to my gnome baby pattern.

Joining in with Ginny today.


  1. What a sweet little vest, might have to make one for my little nephew, happy knitting!

  2. I have lots of crocheted baskets around my house (though I made them to use up old acrylic) and I'm amazed at how many things we use them for. The small ones hold remotes and stuff, the bigger ones things like kids' pj's . . . they're so useful!

  3. Great color choice for the basket. I may have to try out your gnome baby pattern. I find that keeping my hands busy in spite of the bustle this time of year keeps me happy.

  4. I love the knitting. It is so good to see my students in the hallway knitting between classes. It is a productive hobby.

  5. Lovely projects, your crochet bowl is gorgeous.

  6. Love the vest! Such pretty colors!

    I'm using your pattern to make gnomes for Christmas for my three youngest. I made some for my older children a few years ago. :)

  7. Love the bright colors of your bowl!

  8. The little bowl is adorable. I spent a lot of time looking at braided and felted bowls to store my little babes toys, but couldn't bring myself to spend the money on them. I never thought of knitting one myself - its basically an upside down hat, right? Love the little vest. I'm glad that with less than a week to go, you can settle down and enjoy the season with your family!

  9. Hi Tonya,

    Just wanted you to know how much we're enjoying the birch hooks you brought us way back when... they are in use every single day!

    I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.

    Take care,

  10. Hi Tonya,
    Do you finish your blocks with anything... or do you leave them just as is? I've made a set for Teddy this year and left them natural but am worried they might split or something?
    Thanks :-)

    1. You can leave them natural but a coat of beeswax finish would be fine too.
      Happy Holiday Donni,

  11. Thanks for the bowl, Tonya. It's lovely!