Friday, January 25, 2013


Abraham turned five!

He is our sweet, thoughtful boy.  He will still come and give me kiss out of the blue.  
He will tell me "he loves me to the sun and moon and back".  

His interests have become very clear this past year - he loves to build and Legos are a favorite of his.  We bought him the Lego Idea Book for his birthday and he spent most of the evening looking through it and most of today working on creations.  
(Thankfully we have a large tub of Legos from Nolan's days as a Lego builder.
  It has been fun to watch Nolan create again with Abraham.)

Wishing you a peaceful weekend,


  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet boy! Nothing better than kisses from your son! My guy loves his legos too...he spends hours creating and recreating.

  2. Happy Birthday to Abraham! :)

    My children have the Lego Idea Book too and were busily building creations out of it today! :)

    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday to Abraham! Five is such a great age. Enjoy!

  4. Happy Birthday to your little Blond hair boy.
    We had tons of Lego around here.I was so sentimental I wouldnt throw hardly any toys my children loved away.They were in the attic.
    So one day about 3 years ago,I thought we would start cleaning stuff out.We got rid of all those things.We thought for sure,We would never have another baby around here.Lo and behold right after the old toys were all gone,We recieved word my daughter was expecting.We now have a sweet little grandson.He is 16 months old now.

  5. oh wow, is he five!? I remember when he was only 2! Happy, happy birthday, you sweet little fella!

  6. What a beautiful, beautiful five year old! Homemade cake and candles ~ the best kind of celebration for a special boy. Our three year old grandson loves to build legos with his dadda. Such creativity and imagination, problem solving....legos are a grand toy. And I love that they can travel through the hands of so many siblings, cousins and friends and always withstand the test of time. Enjoy your weekend :)

  7. Happy birthday to your dear Abraham! I found your blog via smallthings. You have a beautiful family! -Jaime

  8. Ah yes.... wonderful legos- it's been almost 16 years of legos in this household -what I will miss not stepping on them in the middle of the night. Gabriel adores his legos and actually has a little display at the local library- I bet Abraham will love this gift that keeps on giving!
    Happy Birthday!