Friday, January 18, 2013

Moments from the Week

Thomas turned 19 on Tuesday.  (I seem to be finally adjusting to being a mom of an adult and it really is quite nice.)
It was nice that he was home on college break.

The chicken enjoying a warm day early in the week.

Winter brings out all of the indoor activities - lately dominoes have been popular.

Building a cedar wall on either side of the stairway - we were able to get the wood for free from a log cabin kit company that has "seconds".

Eating breakfast this very cold morning near the wood stove.

Busyness on the floor.

Sharing some special moments from the week along with Jules and others.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend,


  1. I enjoyed your moments! Love that cedar wall! The littles by the wood stove having breakfast is tooo sweet! :)

  2. Tonya...How lovely to have your oldest home for his birthday! I can imagine that is a real treasure. And you scored some great wood...this is often how we do projects, too...or my husband will mill his own. Thanks for sharing your moments...I am unable to access my blog due to, ahem, billing issues...but by tomorrow I hope to post them. Enjoy your weekend, sweet friend!
    xo Jules


  3. Hi from the Banana belt of VT...where did you find the "seconds" of cedar? Is it a local Vt company? We have some building projects and it would be wonderful to know about this resource. Thanks and stay toasty as the mercury sinks...

    1. Actually it is the company of a family that goes to church with us - not sure if it is free all the time.

  4. I love the cedar wall and your little ones eating by the stove. Love you simple, family centered life!

  5. Such sweet moments from your week. We had a warm day today too, and the chickens were so happy! And there is nothing cozier than babies by the woodstove!

  6. And all the very best wishes to your young man!

  7. I'm so far behind- you've written so many lovely posts I want to read! I've been away from the computer lately... but I still wanted to quickly mention how fun it is to have an adult child. Isn't it SO NEAT to have grown up conversations about grown up things and have your child have his very own, mature opinions about things? My daughter is 21 now and I'm still left with some awe and excitement each time we have conversations like that. She's out working in the retail world, and has formed all sorts of fascinating opinions about consumerism and other topics. I have so much fun talking to her as an adult!