Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sunday - Rest :: Monday - Baking

Monday tends to be the bulk baking day for me.  While I do bake bread and an occasional dessert most days, Monday is generally a day where we are out of all baked goods.

(In the picture is my simple daily bread, a new for me brownie recipe that I came across here, and some almost healthy cranberry walnut oat cookies.)

A newer routine for our family is to make Sundays truly a day of rest - we had not set aside a day for this in the past.  Of course, with a large family and animals there are chores that need to be done, but we have come up with ways to lessen the load.

I don't bake in the morning before going to church.  However, we usually do have a special breakfast, either eggs and bacon or pancakes with maple syrup.

After church we go to the general store and pick up a loaf of bread (yes! store bought), some deli meat and a bag of chips.
Usually we arrive home around 1:00 or so and have a simple late lunch.

Food for the rest of the day is simply help-yourself, finish up left overs, or snacks.
On a special occasion or if we have company over, this would change, but this has become our family's new routine - inspired by some friends that do the same.

What are your Sundays like?
Warm wishes,


  1. Sounds like a perfect way to spend Sundays. Sunday is our family day, we don't usually plan too much, just time together. We might hit the trails for a hike, play in the snow, meet my parents for tea, or just hang around the house, whatever we feel like. It is always a good day.

  2. I do the same on most Sundays.....except I buy large loaves of French bread.....make up a very long sub sandwich, then we each cut off the length we want and add our own extras. ;)

  3. Sounds like a great routine..when my family was still home with me...we had a simple routine too on Sundays. As I am home alone now...I just have coffee before church and something easy at home afterward for lunch in the way of left overs,soup etc. I do sometimes eat out on Sunday afternoon with some of the grown children though. We also visit family from time to time on a Sunday afternoon. But generally for me...its morning and evening service with a nap in between :) Blessings

  4. Sunday is a busy day for us. My husband is a pastor, and we are often at church from 9 until 1-30 or 2, sometimes with an evening meeting at 7. So, not really a rest day! We certainly don't plan to do anything else, except eat. I make sure lunch is either very quick and simple, or can be prepared the day before. We often have friends round for lunch, so there will be plenty of food, but nothing too fancy. For instance, I might make a big pan of bolognese sauce the day before, and a dessert like a cheesecake. Then, all I have to do on Sunday is reheat the sauce while the spaghetti cooks, and maybe prepare a simple salad while it all cooks.

  5. That sounds like a wonderful Sunday, peaceful and relaxing! - Ours is usually a very full day of Church and than a big family dinner - usually with my mom coming over or one of my brothers or sisters or in-laws with their family. A lot of food, a lot of people, a lot of chaos, but a lot of fun! Since I work full time, I like to make a nice big dinner with all the trimmings on Sunday, and have a lot of leftovers for the week! So, I guess, we are the exact opposite!! :)

  6. I've been making Sunday a day of rest recently, too. Church/Life Group, and leaving the afternoon/evening chore free. Leftovers to eat, possibly take-out for dinner.
    It is a good mindset to keep.

  7. We also try and really make it a day of rest. Of course, there are chores for Adam and the boys (outside). Our church has two 1 hour services with lunch in between...so we have lunch at church. I will cook for dinner, but try and keep it simple and this time of year we are able to spend the afternoon/evening sitting around the woodstove reading, knitting, playing a game together. It's a special family day. :) Thanks for sharing this post!

  8. We have just been talking about our Sabbath around here! Great timing for this post. We, too, are hoping that Sundays would become more restful for us in the New Year. I tend to be too busy after church with things around the house, but I see it as a way to get things done since my husband is here to help with the little ones. It would be better to rest!