Sunday, January 20, 2013

With Gratitude

::  all going well when our oldest son was home over his winter break

:: getting to know his girlfriend better as she came to spend several days with us

:: the beautiful morning when I went out to do the animal chores

:: the amazing change of weather within minutes

::  Abby's baking

:: one organized craft basket 

:: our business picking up again so that we can pay the bills 

:: the hope that God gives me - knowing that He knows the desires of my heart

:: for my friend that asked me if we bought plastic bags (as she was sure we did not) and then inquired what we do instead 

:: other friends asking about how we eat and wanting to learn more about nutrition (it is so neat to let how we live speak for itself)

:: a sweet one year old

Joining in with Taryn today.


  1. Enjoyed reading your list and loving that first photo. SO pretty.

  2. I love the scenes from around your might want to check my latest post as I mentioned you and your blog and how you changed my life. Truly! Thanks for your blog!

  3. Beautiful! Your first picture is stunning. And all the snow, how lovely. Have a wonderful week.

  4. A darling one year old! Happy Bday to Thomas. Simple wonderful blessings abound if we just look.

  5. what wonderful, beautiful things to be grateful for! oh my, she is growing soooo.

  6. Glad you had a nice time with your son home. Thanks for sharing your other beautiful thoughts!

  7. A lovely list, Tonya. How wonderful to get to know your oldest son's girlfriend...that is pretty special. And your littlest love is always so adorable! I love these gratitude sundays...they fill me up so much!!!
    xo Jules