Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tears of Love

I didn't know what unconditional, complete surrender love for another human being was until I had children.  It is a love that often brings tears to my eyes.  

There are the bittersweet tears that happen when I think about our oldest going off on his own soon.

Tears of sadness flow when one of our children experience hurt in their own lives.

Sometimes the tears are because of extreme gratitude for being given these amazing gifts.

Tears of happiness come when I watch a child accomplish something they have been striving for - reading their first words, hitting a home run, or nailing a song during a theatrical performance.

Some days there are tears of frustration - disappointment in myself for not reacting and responding to my children the way that I should.

Lately, there have been many episodes of tears of awe and wonderment when I simply look at Emmy and the amazing miracle that she is.

Blessings to you for a weekend full of love,


  1. what a wonderful post. i feel so much better after tears come sometimes... babies communicate so much with thm and perhaps we don't lose it entirely as we age :)

    what a sweet baby she is

  2. I know those tears - the many different kinds. It is such a full, full life.
    I love the photo of your sweet Emmy!

  3. Oh Tonya...there is nothing more precious that feeling the amazing blessing of being a mother. Like you, my time is coming when my oldest will be leaving soon and starting his own life...tears come quietly when I think about his soon to happen event.

    Many blessings to you Tonya...your little one is really growing beautifully :)


  4. oh the tears of a mother...such a precious post.

  5. This is a beautiful post. And you are right -- the tears that come from all those different emotions, they are borne first and foremost of love.

  6. I so know all these feelings all to well. I am having some very bittersweet moments as my youngest of four,my 19 year old son is shipping out tomorrow afternoon for boot camp,U.S. Marines.
    Tomorrow will be his last Sunday morning in church with us for a good while....they grow and spread their wings but,mama bird is always sad to see them fly but,then happy and proud as well....blessings

  7. Tonya...You've reached right into the middle of my heart, and given it a little hug.
    xo Jules
    P.S. And I always must tell you how adorable Emily is, every time you post her photo ~ <3

  8. So wonderfully put. I feel the same way. Helping mothers bring babies into the world I am continually reminded just how amazing it truly is.

  9. And now you have brought tears to my eyes. So beautifully put Tonya.