Friday, March 23, 2012

More on Nurturing Creativity

Renee's little ebook has been a wonderful reminder to me in so many ways and is such wonderful timing with my own personal goal this year to spend more time being creative.

How though?  With seven children and a husband; baking and cooking; planting and outdoor chores including animals; a house and clothing to clean;  planning and one-on-one time in home learning;  hmmmm.....  All of our lives are full, aren't they?

In Nurturing Creativity, Renee reminds us to take small bits of time and to also plan out spaces of time.  Or guess what?  It will never happen.  I have been so guilty of this - of telling myself that I can have my creating time when the meal has been prepped, the house in order, and the learning checklist for the day all checked off.  Well, is this ever a reality?  
Probably not - actually, most definitely not.

So, I knit or crochet while helping with home school work.  Have tea and a treat while perusing inspiring books or images I have saved to my computer to get my creative juices flowing.  Now, the part I have not been doing - setting aside time TO DO.   For me, this time would be for handwork - working with wool, printing, sewing, or drawing.

This coming week I am going to mark off time slots on my planner for creating and work towards sticking with them.  In addition, I am going to plan one bigger project that might encourage some of the other children to join in with me.

Will you join in with me to set aside some time for creativity in the coming weeks?

Warm wishes,


  1. I have been trying to set aside some time for that as well. Usually, I wait until the kids are in bed, but then sometimes I am too tired myself to do anything at that point. Normally I get home from work 20 minutes before the kids get home from school, so last week, I used that time to use my spinning wheel.

  2. I learned many years ago to include my children in my craft time, either doing the same craft or each doing something we love to do. You are so right, if you wait for everything else to be compele first, there will never be any time to craft. I know it's hard with wee ones, but still it is so important, at least to me! :)

  3. Let's do it! Not sure when it's going to happen but if I keep packing ideas away in my mind for later I'll pop!

  4. I also find it extremely difficult to find time TO DO creative things. I would love to be creative but then I fall into the whole 'guilt' issue of taking time for myself when there is laundry, dishes etc to be done. I am hoping to be inspired by your creativity to be creative myself...

  5. I'm with you...I know I function better and am a happier more content person when I've had time to be creative...even if it's just planning out a project. Love the snippets of what you've been working! Have a great weekend, friend!

  6. Love this idea! hopefully i can work this time into our schedule in the next few weeks!

  7. To spend more time being creative. To actually give each other the permission ourselves in the process :)

  8. I also try to make more time for creating. It is difficult with a busy household to take care of. I try to be creative with schoolwork, cooking and even organizing the house but I think it is equally important to make time to just create and craft outside of everything else that has to get done. Thank you for reminding me of that (I also knit while helping with home school work)! I wish you a good and creative week! I will try to do the same...

  9. What a great reality check that we need to carve out time for ourselves and not wait until everything is all clean and tidy. Thanks for the helpful reminder. And I absolutely love the acorn stamp on wood in your last photo!