Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday - a new week

In this new week where I am working on carving out creative time each day - above and beyond my homemaking duties - I am excited about all of the possibilities.

In my planner I have divided the rows into the following categories - Home Learning, Cleaning, Home Projects, Business, Creative Time,  Misc, and Meal Planning.  I use a very basic, inexpensive planner from Rod and Staff Publishers.

For today's creative time, I have planned to begin one of Sarah's birthday gifts - a wool felt name banner.  For me, it isn't really realistic to have the opportunity to have an hour of straight time.  So instead, I will gather the felt and put it on my secretary (work desk), design the letters on paper and cut out to pin on the felt and plan to get all of the letters cut out today.

I also want to share another creative mama - Erin from Tiny, Twist, Creative.  She and her husband are saving up to adopt their baby girl from the Democratic Republic of Congo.  The proceeds of the sales from her beautiful tshirts, found in her shop, Dandelion Dream, go toward that goal.

Here is Emmy in her shirt - in a soft mauve with a hand printed bird.  I promise if you order a shirt from Erin, the drool will not be included.

Wishing you a beautiful week,


  1. Oh love the drool! My oldest was such a drooler. Good for you for finding a bit of time to create every day, I really must do the same.

  2. What a truly good idea Tonya, to separate our day with all the categories we handle. A truly good idea!

    Oh Emmy is just the cutest :-) she looks so good in that color.

    Peace be with you,


  3. I wish I could be as organized as you!! The drool is adorable!

  4. Well I wouldn't mind the drool if it came out of that face!

  5. Emmy is such a sweetie! It's so important to be creative each day. I try to remember it and am successful on most days.

  6. Oh goodness Tonya, how beautiful Emmy is!
    Maybe I need to get more organized with my creative goals, especially since my "to make" list could just go on forever and ever...

    Wishing you all beautiful spring days!
    Love, Renee

  7. Such a sweetie, looking adorable in her tee (drool included).
    What a great way to have your days well ordered.

  8. she's so beautiful

    i've been feeling overwhelmed - i need to learn not to over-reach. thanks for your inspiration