Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nurturing Creativity

I had the pleasure of receiving this new ebook in my inbox the other day, 

Nurturing Creativity - A Guide for Busy Moms 
by Renee Tougas of the blog FIMBY, Fun in My Back Yard

Only some time in the last few months had I come upon her blog and learned her family was realizing their dream of living intentionally together, much like our family had done.  They are just in the beginning phases of working and living together as both mom and dad work to build their creative businesses.

Renee is a gifted writer that drew me in the first time I read her blog.  She writes from her heart.   She writes of her accomplishments, challenges, gifts and goals.  

In her new ebook, Renee, wants us all to know that we are creative.  

"The goal is to grow creatively, to express the Divine beauty and creative gifts you have been given.  And in doing so, to bless and serve others."

She says to start with small beginnings - but just start!  

Just a page written,  a small garden plot planted,  or a beautiful meal prepared.  

Don't wait until conditions are perfect because they never will be.  

(I receive no monetary benefit from the sales of this, just wanted to share.)

Warm wishes,