Monday, March 5, 2012

Beautiful Afternoon

Saturday started as an overcast, snowy day and turned into a beautiful sunny, 50 degree afternoon that called us all outside.  Mike and Abraham added a couple more maple taps.

Sparky and Madeline investigating the pails.

Some chicken love.

I enjoyed a quiet walk down our road with Emmy.

When I returned it was neat to watch the goats eating the buds off a tree Sarah had cut down herself in an overgrown area.

I am looking forward to the coming days where we will all be outside more.


  1. I love seeing all that snow in your photos Tonya, it's like a magical wonderland. Your goats have grown so big, they are lovely. Such a beautiful post, wishing you a peaceful week.

  2. They will be here soon Tonya :-) But it looks like your afternoon was quite lovely to see all that beautiful snow.

    Peace be with you,


  3. What a beautiful spot to call home! I love seeing all of your snow pictures, so pretty.

  4. Dear Tonya...Indeed, while we live hundreds, if not a few thousands miles apart, we both live in such similar "zones". All your photos could be out of our backyard, though we have more evergreen trees while you have more deciduous. Wishing we had maple trees to tap! What a busy, happy family you seem!
    xo Jules

  5. Yay to the feeling of spring coming upon us!

  6. Hi, visiting here for the first time! You have a lovely blog :) Beautiful pictures of your home! We just learned about maple tapping this week on a field trip, and now my children can't wait for next spring to give it a try for ourselves. How wonderful!

    Have a blessed day!