Thursday, August 29, 2013

Turning 44

 (Nolan created this masterpiece for me.)

I feel like the most blessed person on the planet to have such an amazing family to love.
That is what I focused on yesterday, on my 44th birthday.  
I thanked God over and over again for giving me each of our children and also for my husband as we grow and change and experience this journey of life together.

Over the last year I felt a shift in myself, something like restlessness (not discontent as I do love my love), but more of a wondering about making even more of it and thinking about using the full of my gifts for the remaining years I have here on earth.

But just focusing on this coming year, my goal is to have more fun, even in the struggles, to be sillier, laugh more and say yes more.

My new favorite song is Can't Complain  from Reliant K's new album, Collapsible Lung  (is album still the right word?) that my sons introduced me to.
I love the words - 

But I can't complain
I can't complain
Every days too short to let it go to waste

Now I can't complain
I can't complain
You gotta treat every day like a holiday


  1. there is definitely a melancholy that comes with birthdays. Your blog is such a blessing to me as you share your family and it's journey with us. I hope your goals for the coming year are met and exceeded. Happy Birthday and thank you for sharing...

  2. Happy Birthday!! And may your plans be fulfiled in the year(s)ahead and your dreams come.
    You have a most interesting and inspiring blog.
    Sending love and blessings to you and your family from The Netherlands,


  3. Happy birthday, Tonya! I'm glad you were able to be spoiled a little on your special day!

  4. Happy Birthday to you! It looks like you had a lovely day, you are very blessed.

  5. Happy Birthday Tonya!! I love your short hair!
    Your words speak to my soul, Tonya- I too felt a shift within myself this past year, and am also working on having more fun and saying yes more!

  6. Happy, happy birthday. 44? Gosh, you are still just a kid;-)

  7. Happy Birthday and many happy returns of days like this!
    I´m just one year older , but you got one more living child than we got.
    I enjoy reading your words and following the life you share with us.
    God bless you dear Tonya and your dear family.

  8. Happy Birthday, and the grace of silliness and joy all year long! ~Annie

  9. Happy Birthday, Tonya. What day was it? Penny's was the 27th... she's got a year on ya.

  10. Happy Birthday Tonya....I love your new haircut..I don't think you look forty-four at all:) I just turned 43 and I understand restless glad I am not many things changing inside of me and all around me.

    I hope you had a very blessed day!!


  11. Happy Birthday,44 seems like so far away for me now after just turning 53.Each year your right is a BLESSING,and thank you so much for your blog,it keeps me focused to whats important as I fumble through my journey!!!Well again,HAPPY BIRTHDAY and enjoy everyone of your blessings,they are beautiful!!!!!Holly

  12. Happy Birthday! Love the birthday chandelier! Your children are definitely a creative bunch.

  13. Happy Birthday! I think that kind of discontent is just normal midlife growing pain in the forties(I turned 44 this year too). I love your goals and the song lyrics. Blessings.

  14. Happy Birthday and blessing to you for many more as you fulfill your purpose on this journey. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and giving us a little peek into your family and life. You are very inspiring to me...helping me to live more frugally and thoughtfully. I am growing right along with you but seemingly growing older at a much faster pace!!

  15. Hope you had a happy day, I was wondering the other day you said you were hoping to do more of a Woldorf schooling this year. Would it be possible to do a post on how you think that will work. I have only seen it on blogs and with young children where yours covera larger age range. I'm interested in how it will work with the older children.
    Many thanks Lindsay
    Sorry have to come up as anonymous as I don't have another account.

  16. Tonya...Happy happy birthday, my friend. May the year ahead be full of love and light and happiness and good health (!) and Yeses!!
    P.S. Our birthdays are just days apart!!!

  17. Very happy belated birthday sweetie..hope you had a smashing day. Lovely to put a face to the blog too xxx