Thursday, August 8, 2013

An Angora Business

Abby's  newest baking creation - eclairs.  

She enjoys baking and is not afraid to try even the most challenging recipes.

Abby, is a self-starter, independent, and one who sets goals for herself and usually accomplishes them.  

She has taken on the project of building herself a tiny house.  She is almost done!

Now, she is starting an Angora fiber business and has made a campaign at indiegogo.

Whether she makes her monetary goal or not, I do believe that she will find a way (using some of her savings) to get her business going.


  1. Hi Abby,

    We think it's great that you are starting your own business. We have four kids and live in Maine and know that when they are a bit older they will probably start their own business too, so we wanted to support you in your goal. Best of luck! My youngest (5) thinks the bunnies are adorable and the first thing she said after watching the video was "ok, let's do it".

  2. Yes, best of luck to you Abby!!

    Although my son lost a job two years ago....and is still looking while attending college, he started a business and has done quite well. I know he would like to live on his own, I just tell him to give it time. So nice to see parents encourage their kids to try different things. Best way to help them to be self-sufficient in their adult years.
    blessings, jill

  3. Good luck Abby-hope everything works out for you-well done for being so enterprising and hard working

  4. Good for her! That's great! I just gave away my angora rabbits...wish I could have given them to her!