Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Note About Breastfeeding

(our very own corn! - a first for us)

This morning, out of the blue, our fifteen year old son asked, "Mom, do you know the one and only one thing to eat  that could sustain a person?" - I thought for some time, trying to think of what food contains a lot of water, protein, etc... and didn't come up with anything.
the answer:  breast milk

Wow!  To imagine that is is so rich in nutrients that an adult human could live on it.  (It did get me worrying a little, though, if there was ever a food crisis where we lived and I was still lactating... a selfish thought I know.)

This little fact reassured me as well as a bit of a better night's sleep (I think she nursed "just" three times last night) that Emmy is getting both physical and emotional benefits from breastfeeding for now.

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  1. :) glad she nursed a bit less last night! in response to your last post...it's so hard. i definitely hit a time when i really need to wean my kids at night just so that i can continue to be the mum that they need during the day. usually around the age of two...it's so hard. i love giving them what they need, but sometimes mamas need a night of sleep that is just not so broken. :/