Monday, August 5, 2013


 The beautiful Haskell Opera House is the only international theater - physically located in both Canada and the US.

 Abby as the orphan, Pepper 

A cast picture after the last performance after everyone had changed.

In January Abby auditioned for a part in QNEK's summer production of Annie and got the part of an orphan, Pepper.

Now this is our painfully shy 13 year old daughter, Abby.  She has a hard time talking to people and is very quiet (except of course at home among her siblings).

Once she is on stage, however, all changes.  She is loud, expressive and a wonderful dancer.

Sunday was the last of six nearly sold out performances and although it was a sacrifice in some ways for our family to drive her 45 minutes each way to rehearsals, we all think it was worthwhile.  She had nothing but a positive experience working with all the other actors and was able to be a part of an excellent show.
(Now maybe we can all stop humming and singing the songs from Annie - they stick in your head!)


  1. Oh Tonya how wonderful!!! I'll bet your heart swelled to see her up there! My 12 year old daughter is very similar- yet she has no trouble performing in violin recitals, even when she is all alone in front of an audience. I think they must step outside themselves in those moments, and it must feel so good!

  2. I am always amazed to hear stories like this. My cousin was the same way - shy and reserved, but was involved in theater and did great in stage. You must be so proud of your daughter - what an amazing experience! Thanks for sharing. Loved reading about it!

  3. How lovely-shy people do actually have a lot of courage-I am glad Abby enjoyed herself and did well-perhaps she and Thomas will be on the stage together one day

    Annie is one of my favourite musicals