Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Knitting and Reading

I finished up this Plain Vest for Emmy in yarn from Peace Fleece that I dyed in soft shades of blue.  The buttons Mike made from a small Elm branch and then I wood burned flowers on them.  It is a bit big and will probably fit for two years, but that is just fine.

I have started to think about what Christmas gifts I would like to knit and I think that many of my family would probably not like wool unless it was super soft and they tend to like a bit more trendy things... so I need some suggestions for my Mom, for example.  Have you started knitting any Christmas gifts?

I am finally reading Simplicity Parenting.  I think I put it off because I figured how much more simple can we live, but our house is just far too chaotic and my goal for this fall is to do a better job of meeting each of my children's needs and to work on daily, weekly, and seasonal rhythms.  To help me to this end I have been taking a wonderful Waldorf homeschool planning class that you can read more about here.

Joining in with Ginny today.


  1. Emily looks just adorabel in her vest.
    Yes, I started Christmas gift knitting back in January and am still behind!

  2. Coming over from the Yarn Along for a visit. :)

    Love the vest - and being able to use it for longer is wonderful. What a cutie pie modeling it too! :D

    I read Simplicity Parenting a while back, but have been feeling like I need to give it another read. Thank you for reminding me of that!

    I just finished knitting several small birthday gifts and have a list of things to do for Christmas and a couple of baby gifts. So far I've got a hat, some dish cloths, and a yoga mat bag on the list to do for Christmas - and hopefully some fun beards/mustaches for my son to play around with.

    Happy knitting!

  3. Love the vest and the sweet little model. The buttons are really cute.

  4. love simplicity parenting! just re-read it :)

  5. love simplicity parenting! just re-read it :)

  6. Hello

    Found you through Yarn Along.
    I love your finish, your daughter looks very sweet in it.
    Great buttons too.

  7. oh, that sweater turned out so sweet. love the blue and white together.
    i LOVE that book, and am rereading it again, this time with the hubby. :)
    i am toying with knitting an actual big person sweater for my 19 year old for christmas this year. i was thinkingabout doing the annabell (are there two "L"s in that one??)pull over for her. it is sort of an interesting prospect, i don't tend to knit big people things.
    also plan on knitting the man a pair of nice socks, man socks! again a first. lol

  8. Such a sweet vest! I love how it looks. I have started to think about Christmas knitting myself. "Think" is the key word. Haven't done any of it yet!

  9. I just started thinking about Christmas gifts as well. I think I am going to make "soup in a jar" kits and tie little hand-knit mittens around the top of the jars.

  10. Wonderful vest, and the buttons are wonderful. I love that they were a joint effort.

  11. The vest is beautiful and so is your wee little model :)

  12. she looks so lovely in that vest and very cute buttons! You know, your reasons for that book sound so apt; I have no children but what you describe wanting I relate to...

  13. Lovely vest; I must make another one myself soon, thanks for the reminder :) I've just finished re-reading Simplicity Parenting; some very good pointers in there, they make a lot of sense. I am trying to be organised this Christmas too, as we have our third blessing due on the day itself :) Looking forward to seeing what you make Tonya; I too have some relatives who are hard to knit (or make) for!

  14. What a lovely little sweater! I've just started a scarf for my daughter for Christmas.

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