Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Crocheting and Planning

Crocheting granny squares with Peace Fleece DK weight yarn.  Two of the colors I hand dyed - the sage with a low impact dye, and the tan with ferns.

My brain has been filled with homeschool plans and I am working to get most of it down on paper.  So mostly my reading has been on supplementing the various main lesson blocks we will be doing.

We are following a waldorf inspired curriculum this year which I am hopeful will allow for focused learning without the traditional segmented method of cramming in 5 subjects each day.  I think it will also give me enough to present to the state at the end of the year while still allowing plenty of time for the children to develop and work on their own projects and interests.  

Joining in with Ginny.


  1. Hi, Greetings from Czech Republic, Central Europe.I found your blog by Ginny of Small Things. I looked at the rest of your blog, from beginning to end. Wow! I see the evolution / progress :-) Unfortunately my English is very bad, I can not write all the thoughts in my head. I looked at the map, where exactly is the northern Vermont, it's almost the same band as my own country. I like the landscape, mountains and forests. But Bohemia (Czech Republic) is an industrial country with a high concentration of towns and villages, so your simple life in the forest has a great charm for me. I read your posts and see life my grand-grandparents' generation a century ago, but with the laptop :-) I admire your enthusiasm, Mike's work with wood, and of course your knitting and beautiful healthy children. May the Lord bless you! Petra

  2. Ahh I would love to dye some yarn right now but soooo busy!! :( Love your granny squares. Someday I need to get over my fear of them! P.S. I sent you the pattern for my apple cozy today. Sorry it took 2 years :P

  3. Tonya...I hope you find Waldorf curriculum helpful...I think it has been a beautiful and inspiring way to learn for my son, and soon my daughter as well. Your dyed wool is so so lovely. I remember when you dyed that sage colour...I was drooling! The granny squares are wonderful...I wish I crocheted, but then again, it would be one more craft to want to do.
    xo Jules

  4. hi
    the grannys looking wonderful. love the colors!!!
    wish you awonderful weekend,