Tuesday, August 28, 2012

This Girl of Ours

Sarah.  She is a worker.  She exhausts us with her unending energy, ideas, and projects.  

She is my expert vegetable slicer.  (Cutting each one with a knife by hand.)
 She has single handedly sliced every cucumber that has gone into all 25 pints of pickles so far.

Here she decided to take on the task of sanding and finishing her desk.  When an idea strikes, she has the attitude of - "let's do it! - and right now would be perfect."
Her desk did come out nicely!


  1. "She exhausts us with her unending energy, ideas, and projects"

    I had to laugh! See, that's what you get for having such a can-do mind set as a family. Good for you, Sarah! She sounds like a wonderful companion and help to have around your little farm. Such a great blessing on your family.

  2. What a blessing she must be to you! My one and only daughter has the same traits and they have done here well as she has grown into a lovely young woman who is now a mother herself.

  3. ...not only does she work hard, she does it with style!! So very sweet. I sometimes wish I could keep my girls just the way they are today. But then I wouldn't get to see what kind of amazing women they'll become. I look forward to that, too.

  4. I am impressed! How wonderful that she feels safe to try new things without the hindrance of other's opinions. It shows her upbringing Tonia :)

  5. My 8 yr. old son, is exactly the same! It's wonderful to see a child work diligently to accomplish great things!

  6. What a compliment to her, and you as her mother! It sure is nice to have a worker bee in the family. :)

  7. oh my goodness...What a honey...may it LONG last!

  8. what a sweet, sweet, girl Tonya!
    I love that desk!

  9. Energetic children are fun. That reminds me of our Jonathan. Today we cleared out 3 rooms so that we could have someone come in and shampoo them and then we did bunches of canning and then this evening we went off to our homeschool baseball game, after we got home (nearly 9) I was ready to relax (well as much as I could while finishing up one more load in the waterbath canner)and leave the putting of rooms in order until morning but Jonathan was eager to get everything looking just right again. He really didn't want to go to bed without the rooms in order. We did some comprimising.