Thursday, August 30, 2012

Making Time for Homesteading

We have been enjoying a few weeks of record sales with our business - autumn wedding order mostly.  While being thankful for the money and doing our best to save it to use toward the big three "needs" we have - property taxes, a woodstove, and a new used really old car; it has been really hard but we have learned some things we wouldn't have learned if we didn't have this spike in our business.

We have learned is to be more efficient - Mike with some of his production techniques and me with my packaging of orders.

But truly we have learned that we need to keep focused on why we have chosen to pursue a homeasteading simple life.  

It is so easy to get caught up again in the consumeristic trappings of the world - oh so easy.

We have learned that it is ok to say no to business  - when it interferes with being able to spend a bit of time with family;  when I am struggling to sit down to get all my  homeschool plans on paper;  when gathering and preserving food becomes hard to keep up with; and, when homestead building projects keep getting put on hold.

  Life, of course, happens, but I think God wants us to use wisdom to make the decisions that are right for us - what is right for our family.


  1. Oh I really do thank you for these words today Tonia. Sometimes, I tend to forget that He does want what is best for me and my family.

    Congratulations and what blessings to your business.


  2. This resonates for me, we've been talking about our priorities in a similar way, thinking about our future. We're lucky to be comfortable with my husband's salary and I'm encouraging him to see the future as being about setting a goal of working from home. We are trying to reduce our expenses, slowly but surely, to facilitate him being on our farm more and spending more time with the family. I'd rather he be using his time creating what we need than off earning money so we can pay other people. I would love us to all be on our farm together, every day. I'm setting it as my intention so I believe we'll get there!

    Sending good thoughts your way : )

  3. Wow, I don't think I've ever heard these kinds of words from any family before. Treasure your uniqueness!! :-)


  4. A wise and wonderful post. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am going to re-read it now!

  5. I am confused a little bit it sounds like God has brought a lot of business to your family(which means money) but you now don't want to spend so much time doing your business. You want to work more towards a simpler lifestyle and that means not bringing as much income for your family?

    I understand if your business is over whelming you but don't you need some money to live and God has blessed you with your stay at home business that your husband gets to do everyday? You have a son in college, you need a wood stove, taxes,a older newer car.

    How can you have all of this without working? Can you explain to me what you mean getting caught up in( consumeristic trappings) You can live a simple lifestyle and work and save and live very simply. I do it our family does it.

  6. Oh - I sure hope my post didn't sound as if we were not going to continue our business - we most certainly are. We have been so blessed with a home business that supports our family financially and we are so grateful to have had this busy month to provide us with what we need - some extras we have had on our wish lists. But, we have had to purposefully start saying no to some of the business requests - some that require me to do wood burning, for example, so I can homeschool and manage our household properly.
    Our business had just been so busy that we are now working 7 days a week and long hours to keep up. We are simply reigning that in a bit, so we can do the other things we feel God wants us to do.
    I won't publish another of your comment if you don't sign your name in the future.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. I agree with you completely. If your work becomes a priority over your family then it is time to cut back. Money isn't everything. If you made your business and finances your priority then you wouldn't be any different than the man working on wall street. Follow God's will for your family and He will always provide. There is a big difference between being grateful and being greedy. Blessings to you and your family.

  8. Knowing when is enough takes wisdom and listening to the Lord...I applaud you for listening and being aware of what is building your family in faithfulness and what is taking your family away from that. The call to "more" is so's hard to say no to that sometimes!

  9. A home business, we have found firsthand, can be like the tides, but far less predictable. It sounds like you are getting quite used to the ebb and flow. I am happy for you that your business is doing well and that, at the same time, you are keeping a wise sense of proportion. Happy Birthday.
    Karen A.

  10. We are a self employed family as well and I think that the previous commentor has no real clue what he or she is talking about. I completely agree with Holly's comment, 100%. Keeping our eyes on things that are eternal rather than the material of this world does us all good.
    Thanks for your post, Tonya. :)

  11. It can be so hard to find the balance when you work from home, we struggle with that too. So many things to get done, yet so little time. Good for you for setting boundaries and knowing when to say no.

  12. It's true that we still need to look toward our goals and not overspend on "little stuff" even when God gives us a little extra. And very hard to do! We've learned that having extra around really lightens up those "rainy days" when there is not enough to go around. Great point! And glad for you that your business has been busy. There aren't too many out there right now that can say that.