Friday, August 31, 2012

A Sweet Surprise

I went to the library yesterday afternoon for a bit and when I returned home, there was an apple pie baking in the oven.

The children, with a friend, had picked apples from our trees, made the apple filling, the pie crust from scratch (even looking up the recipe I use - No Fail Piecrust from The Amish Cook).

A special note of appreciation to Mike for accommodating the flurry in the kitchen that I am sure occurred during the process of making.

It was delicious!


  1. We went to the apple orchard last weekend and now we have two huge bags of apples ready for a pie. I have been making apple cobbler.... but I should make a pie..yum!

    Your children did a great job..I'm sure it was a very welcomed suprize to come home and have a nice slice of pie after your visit to the library...don't you just love the library...I do free books to look at!

    Have a Blessed Weekend!

    Many Blessings,


  2. What amazing children you are raising!

  3. What a lucky mama! Not only did you get library time, but you had your children treat you well. I'm sure the pie was sweet for a few reasons. Enjoy your weekend, Tonya.
    xo Jules

  4. What a wonderful treat to return home to. It looks so good, they did a fantastic job.

  5. Yum...I have not done much baking this summer, just bread for our daily consumption. But I am looking forward to more sweet baking for Autumn :)

    Mrs. B.