Monday, August 27, 2012

At Our Kitchen Table

Sharing a meal with friends one night last week

Starting in on math this morning - just math this first week.  They were eager to begin this morning.  The moans and groans will come, that is for certain.  But, I hope to make learning as pleasant I can.

And under the table....

What has been going on at your kitchen table?
Warm wishes,


  1. We are back to lessons this week too, it was time. We are on an A/B schedule so I don't have to worry about algebra until tomorrow ;)

  2. We had friends at our table this weekend as well. This morning my jelly making spread out in that space. I hope you have a lovely week, Tonya!

  3. grinding wheat...bread baking...fellowship with a dear friend...math...reading and some good homemade soup.

    Thank you for sharing Tonia :)

  4. Finishing up canning, starting to clear the garden, making fresh peach pie. Lovely home work!

  5. I shared my table with my little grandson Jaxon today...I babysit him for a while and we had a simple meal together... Scrambled eggs,with some chopped up turkey ham and fresh spinach cooked in it,and an apple...then he played with his Noah's Ark and made soup in one of my kitchen pans with his wooden blocks and the animals from the Ark. He stirred them up with a big wooden spoon :) I love little ones imagination. I could sit and watch them play all day....blessings

  6. We have been eating, crafting, laughing and talking at our table. Life is good.