Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sunflower Wreath

After the petals fell from our cut sunflower, I noticed how beautiful the remaining sunflower still is and wired it to our grapevine wreath.  When it dries out, it will become a treat for the chickens.


  1. It's so amazing what nature gives us. Lovely.

  2. Hi Tonya! You would love to make soap, especially since it is so expensive to buy (these kinds). I do buy Kirk's soap from their website ( and with shipping it is not too expensive (about $2 each, and it lasts longer than other store soaps).

    I love your blog. The pics of your children and sunflowers growing, so pretty. I would have a squirrel on my door if I had a wreath like yours..:)
    Sunflowers are neat dried as well as fresh!

    the chicken coop is nice!

    I like your camping too. Once, I stayed home with a newborn, and my husband took my kids camping at the beach...they took pics and they looked like orphans under his care! love,andrea

  3. What a great idea! We have a few sunflowers this year for the first time. I'll see how they look once the petals fall off. Thanks for the inspiration! By the way, I read your blog every day and love your simple joyful way of life you have chosen to create for your family!

  4. Such a simple ,but beautiful wreath. I love it...thanks for your visit and encouraging comment on my blog post. I am always blessed visiting here with you and your precious family :)

  5. We use our sunflowers as bird feeders, bet you'll have a few visiting your wreath:-) And you won my Subway Art Print! I know you'll love it and with your husband being the woodworker he is I am sure you'll have it framed soon. Send me an email with your address.

  6. That is just beautiful! I have plenty of sunflowers that fit the bill of "no more petals", too. Thank you for the great idea!