Sunday, August 5, 2012

More Pictures of the Chicken Coop

A reader asked me for more complete pictures of our coop addition.

This is the front view.  Mike built it coming straight off the side wall, using hemlock logs as the frame from our property.
The "barn" structure was here when we moved in - a bit of a ramshackle mess - filled with trash, leaning a bit.  But we have done what we could within our budget and work on balancing what we really "need" versus what we want.  
I am sure many people would have burned it or torn it down but it works for us.
The barn keeps the elements out, the goats in at night, stores our hay and garden tools - we are grateful it was here.

This is the view from the side.  We are using the back portion to store bicycles.
For the windows we bought heavy duty window screen by the yard and then when it get colds, we will be ordering plexi-glass to screw over the screening for the winter.

Warm wishes,

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  1. Thank you, Tonya, for answering my request to see your whole coop from the outside so quickly! It really helps inspire me to see what can be done with existing less than perfect structures. It look beautiful! We also do the plexiglass thing in winter and it works quite well. As an aside, when my daughter was little like yours, I would put her in her stroller sitting up looking into the screened in chicken run door. We called it "Chicken TV." That was about 8 years ago and just the other day she said, "Mama, you are so good to me because you didn't give me what I wanted but substituted what was better for me, like Chicken TV instead of real TV." Nothing could warm my heart more! Thanks for all the sharing you do....