Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Knitting and Reading

This weekly rhythm is wonderful to keep me on track of my knitting projects and helps motivate me to finish them before I start another - at least most of the time:)

So I am joining in with Ginny again for the yarn along -

I finished the sweater for the little knit doll and have now cast on for some pants.  Started knitting up another vest, but this time using size 8 needles and worsted weight yarn.  It looks like it should fit a 2 - 3T.
Finally, I am knitting up another hat for a dear blog reader.

While I am still reading Jane Eyre, I have started on a sweet Gladys Taber book, Stillmeadow Daybook and I am reading a biography about Thomas Edison out loud to Abby and Isaac and anyone else within earshot.  I sure wish I had enjoyed learning when I was young as much as I do now - so much fun!  My hope is that our children also grow up with a life long love of learning.

If you have a moment, please share about your handwork projects and what you are reading and consider joining in with the yarn along.

Warm wishes,


  1. Aww, what a adorable little doll!! You're so good at making them super cute!! ...And your knitted doll is cute too. ;)


  2. Dear Tonya,
    Your knitted doll is beautiful and so is the sweater. I agree, Yarn Along keeps me knitting each day and I enjoy discovering everyone's projects through the link list. I also find that I enjoy learning so much more now compared to when I was young.
    Take care:)

  3. The doll is very cute, and so is the baby in the background! Jane Eyre is just so good, it's work reading again and again!

  4. I have to see what Yarn Along is all about. I do need to knit and read - I have lots of books and projects calling my name yet I seem to get distracted. I am updating my WIPS on my blog tomorrow

  5. i just finished a knitted doll for my youngest for her 1st birthday. it was so much fun t.o make

  6. The knitted doll and her sweet set of clothes is lovely, and along with 'Wuthering Heights', Jane Eyre is one of my favourite novels.......such stormy passion.

  7. The doll came out so adorable, but then seeing the baby in the background is so much better!
    Have a happy Yarn Along!

  8. awwww...I love your knit doll so much. Did you see the new Living Crafts? there are a few doll patterns both knitted and sewn. I completely agree with you about learning when I was a kid vs now, it's such fun!

  9. My mom loves Gladys Tabor and I have been meaning to borrow one from her. I must do that. Thank you for the reminder! I also love the doll. Too cute!

  10. The doll looks great - you did quick work from last week.

    1. Such a cute doll. Do you plan on making them for your shop? I made mittens this week from your pattern - I'm pleased with how they turned out. Thank you!

  11. I didn't mean to "reply" in my last comment!

  12. Oh, I remember the first (actually only) time I read Jane Eyre, I was in 9th grade. Head over heels in love with Mr Rochester. Give me Charlotte Bronte over emily any day! What a sweet, sweet doll!

  13. That doll is adorable. I do love learning and I think it's a gift when children do too. From the looks of things, I think your kiddos are into learning too.


    I am sorry, not sure how to make the link activate. Liking the doll a lot, although I think my daughter would tell me she is too old for things like that nowadays. Very sweet. Keep warm.


  15. I agree--Yarn Alongs are something I look forward too each week, and I love that they motivate me and hold me accountable. Cute vest pattern--went to look it up on Ravelry and saw that it was already in my favorites--thanks for the reminder!

  16. Oh Tonya...I feel the same way :-) I am enjoying teaching Algebra, more now to my boys, than when I was taken it myself. It is as if I am discovering something new.

    I have read the Stillmeadows books and have enjoyed them tremendously :-)

    Peace to you today,


  17. Your doll is coming along beautifully, and I'm liking that vest you've linked to. There you go, once again adding projects to my To Do list :-) Thank you!

  18. She's looking wonderful! I still haven't made it to Bend for more bamboo fill...

    Blessings, Debbie

  19. Sweet little doll and such a cute sweater! Love Gladys Taber too -- so homey and wise.

  20. Hello Tonya..

    My blogging has been on hold for a while and its good to be back again. I am sure your little wee one is getting bigger by the day. I am sure she is being spoilt by all her syblings.. I am watching with interest as you make your cheese. i was looking for a kit over december but want one without animal rennet. You get a plant rennet too..If that interests you and you find, please let me know where.

    Hope you are well and warm
    Lots of love

  21. I remember how much I loved learning about Thomas Edison when I was a child. He was just so interesting! It's fun to see how your doll is coming along, I can't wait to make one soon.